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Windows Live Mail is the freeware, email client application from Microsoft. With the help of this application, a user is able to add various webmail accounts to one email client. From here, a user can access, send or receive emails, all from various accounts, at one place. It also gives the facility to save the data, so that user doesn't need to enter the username and password for each and every added account again and again. This application also manages the contacts and calendar of a user so as to make things easier, quicker and simpler. The application can also be added to any of the smartphones and the user can access it from anywhere and any time.

Windows Live Mail Technical Support Phone Number 

When there is any problem in working with Windows Live Mail application, a user is advised to consult with the experts only. The windows live mail tech support is the service dedicated towards users. This service is all the time active. The user can either send an email or can call directly and ask the technician about the problem. The certified technicians provide the simple troubleshooting steps to resolve the issue. So, for any problem, instead of searching the solution on websites and forums, one should immediately contact at the windows live mail tech support. The technicians here are always ready to provide the precise solutions in an effective way. Few common issues, which windows live mail users face are :

  • Password lost or forgot
  • Adding an email account and its configurations
  • The problem in managing the calendar
  • The problem in adding the live mail to any smartphone
  • A problem in sending or receiving the emails
  • Many others

When you consult directly with the windows live mail customer support executives, they instantly provide the solution and thus your work can be restored back within a few minutes. Here it is shown, how to reset the password of windows lives mail if lost or forgotten by the user.

  • Reset Windows Live Mail Password
  • On the login page, when the user finds that he is not able to log in, then he should click on " I can't access my account.".
  • Here, the user can see three options for not able to log in. Either, the user has forgotten his password, or the password is correct but still, the user is not able to log in or
  • user finds that somebody else is using the account.
  • Select the option which you find is the exact reason for your login problem.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to reset the new password.
  • The user should have an alternate email id or a trusted phone number or answers to the present security questions, as these will help in resetting the new password.

Windows Live Mail Customer Service Number 

If the above process doesn't work for you then you must call at the windows live mail tech support. This service is 24/7 open and as the technicians are certified, the solutions are authentic and precise.

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