What to do if Android box is not working fine

Most of the customers like Android T.V box which is most excellent and important to multi-task. It is most eligible to download, search the web, watch videos, play games, and also it helps you to go through the social media. It is very simple to stream YouTube, Hot-star, News app, and other important apps. It requires a minimum internet service in order to stream videos and enjoy your most favorite show.  

But what to do when you face common issues with your Android T.V Box, it is the only solution that you should find before long. You might face and error Android TV box not working fine, at this you need to recognize the real cause of the error to solve. However, there are some of the common issues necessary to notice for your Android T.V. box as follows.

  • Showing an abnormal image while connecting on internet.
  • Listening irrelevant sound with T.V. channel and sounds.
  • Android T.V apps are not working fine and much more.

If you are pushing your mind to solve the problem, you need to understand the cause of the error helps to find the best solution instantly.

You need to check out the downloaded applications that might be affected by the operations. It is necessary to scrutinize the internet connection is working well or not and then unplug and plug-in the power. However, if you are having any other trouble and showing an error message Android TV box not working, you need to find the best solution as listed down.

How do you fix an Android TV box that won't turn on?

  • First and foremost, you need to make sure that your Android T.V. box is on and check out the WI-FI connection.
  • You need to check your remote buttons that may be stuck and check your power button to ensure that it is free and not stuck.
  • Check out the speed of the internet using a speed test application and run it to see the result.
  • You can simply clear the DNS cache through the browser when you find an error and for that, you need to go to the settings.
  • From the list, you can find the cache and cookies file that you have to remove immediately.
  • If you find still the same error you can check your router and ensure that LAN cable is pinned in completely to the router and to the T.V Box.
  • You can turn your Android T.V box off and on and then connect the internet service to stream any videos finally.

It is hoped the problem has been resolved, but if the above tutorials are not making you satisfied and showing same Android TV box not working error, you can perform a factory reset on Android TV Box. But it is important to be careful that’s because reset factory reset may delete all the files or unwanted cache from your device.

Some important points to be noted:

It is mandatory to plug out and in to secure your Android T.V box as it offers the chances to damage its hardware component. So before you start your T.V you need to make sure that power cable is disconnected and connect it once again. After this, if you face any error, you can contact our customer executives who will ask you to clear your entire doubts for Android TV box not working. 

Take a look at some of the FAQs:

Question No 1. How to use an Android T.V box?

Answer: It is very simple to use an Android T.V box right after connecting the cable to the power cord and make sure WI-FI is on. You can use its remote to control the apps to download, install and update.

Question No 2. How do you reset an Android box? 

Answer: It is a TV resetting that performed to restore the TV's condition when the TV does not work properly.

Question No 3. How do I reboot my box?

Answer: It is required soft resetting procedure due to which this issue occurred and to fix you need to remove the battery is all that takes to get the device to turn on once again.

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