How to contact cox email customer support phone number?

Cox email is a free service which comes as a part of all Cox high speed internet packages. When you have Cox email account then you have several benefits of Cox email. You get 10 email accounts and each account has up to 2 GB so storage space which is all free of cost for all those who are existing Cox high speed internet subscribers. You can keep viruses and spam away with SpamBlocker. With Cox email you can check your emails any time and anywhere on the go. So, you can create your Cox email account and enjoy all benefits of it. If you want to know more about it then you can seek Cox email customer support phone number. You can also dial Cox email helpline number for desired help.

Features of Cox email

You can enjoy following features with Cox email:

1. Email mailboxes: You get 10 separate email addresses with mailboxes.

2. Size of mailbox is 2 GB for all internet packages offered by Cox. With Ultimate package you get 10 GB and with Gigablast you get 15 GB per mailbox.

3. You get maximum message size up to 25 MB.

4. If you keep your account dormant then it will be deleted. You have 180 days of email account inactivity on primary and secondary mailboxes.

5. Your mails in trash folder will be deleted 30 days after you moved them to Trash folder.

6. In the spam folder unread message will be retained for 30 days.

7. You can set email messages sending limits. In order to combat spam mail issue, Cox places various limits on email, including limiting the maximum number of recipients per message and maximum number of messages per server connection.

8. Your Cox email account will be deleted once your Cox high speed internet connection is disconnected. Cox deletes your email address, mailbox, all email messages, and the associated content from each Cox email address associated with your account within 90 days of disconnection.

You can note that when you change your Cox high speed internet service package then it can affect the storage size of your mailbox. In case you downgrade your Internet service package then you will need to manage the storage capacity to the storage limit of your new package in order to avoid losing email.

If you want to know further about features of Cox email then you can seek Cox email customer service or you can dial Cox email customer support phone number.

Cox email helpline number

Cox provides TV, Internet, Digital telephone, home security and technical solution services for its residential customers. With Cox you can get access to fastest and secure digital life. Cox offers under TV services you get TV packages, TV features, TV equipment and under Internet services it offers Internet features, equipment, WiFi Hotspots, Under Phone service you get Phone features, both domestic and international Long distance and Lifeline Telephone. You are provided a Cox email account to use services. So as a subscriber of Cox email service if you are facing any technical issue with your Cox email account then you can dial Cox email technical support phone number for help. With Cox an expert resolves your issue and gets results for you.

Cox email customer service

For any information related to your Cox email account you can seek Cox email customer service phone number for instant help.

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