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For many worldwide users, Gmail is a primary business or personal email platform that helps users exchange important information within their community. As it contains a lot of information sent every day by your group, it becomes more of a headache to keep track of all these emails. Under such circumstances, Gmail desktop notifications can help you stay top of information flux. These are pop up messages that fly in on your computer desktop the second a new email arrives in your Gmail inbox. A quick glance at these pop-up messages will let you decide whether an email requires quick attention or it can keep until a later moment when you have time to read that email. Sometimes, you face issues like Gmail notification not working Chrome and thus cannot get notified of new messages. Here, you will find some easy ways on how to fix the issue on your own. Though, you can call us anytime on our toll-free numbers to get immediate help on the matter, if you don’t want to take the hassle out of Gmail notification.


Gmail Notification Not Working Chrome


  • If you open your Gmail in Chrome and find that Gmail notification not working Chrome, then try this simple trick:


  • Click on the Lock icon before Gmail URL in the Chrome browser. Now, touch, Site Settings. However, before going through these steps, make sure that you have enabled your Gmail notification on our Gmail platform. Once, all the steps are done, refresh the page to start getting alerts for new messages.


Those who don’t know how to enable Gmail desktop notification in order to fix Gmail notification not working Chrome issue, here are described simple procedure on the same:


1. Log into your Gmail account

2. Click the Cog icon on the top right corner of your Gmail

3. Now, touch Settings

4. Select Desktop Notification

5. Choose any one of top two options out of three points in order to enable Gmail notifications

6. Now, press the Save Changes button


Get fixed Gmail notification not working on Chrome


A web-mailing service that acts as the central force for all our collective data of our Google products and services. The benefits of Gmail give us a way through which we can enjoy mail transactions with the help of a free platform and manage all of our cloud-related services in a hassle-free and timely manner in a single place.


The Gmail services can be used both with the help of using its official application and through its official website as well. If you do not wish to download its application on your Desktop PC or Laptop, you can manage all the Gmail-related services with the help of your Google Chrome browser as well. If you have an idea about it, but lately you’ve started facing an issue of Gmail notifications not working chrome, then keep on reading as the points mentioned below will help you with the same;


Some reasons behind Gmail notifications not working


You can face a lot of reasons that end up in you not receiving any notifications for Gmail on your Google Chrome browser:


  • Permissions- If you have not allowed Google Chrome to send you any notifications, then you would not receive the Gmail notifications on your browser.
  • Obsolete Browser- If you are using an outdated version of Google Chrome, then it would not cope up with all the latest features that the latest versions support.


Online Solutions- To resolve this issue, you’ll have to add an extension for Gmail on your Google Chrome browser so that you can receive timely notifications for the emails you are receiving or any latest event affiliated with your Gmail account.


Importance of Online Fix- You can go through the procedure of Gmail notifications not working chrome in no time with a perfectly working internet connection instantly so that you do not need to follow a lengthy process of contacting a customer support representative.


Thus, by following the points mentioned above, one can figure out a quick resolution to the query of Gmail notifications not working chrome and can continue with all the services provided by Gmail on your Google Chrome browser very effectively.

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