Why is my Google Chrome web browser is not working on my computer

Over 70 percent of browsing, lovers use Google Chrome web browser as it is the most efficient web browser which gives a number of features to its users. With the passage of time, Chrome has developed its features and upgraded itself as the widespread web browser. Google Chrome is considered the most used web browser. It is easy to use and fast, that is why it is liked by many. To access worldwide internet services, we depend upon chrome. In such a case, if your Google chrome is not working, it could be a reason of concern for many. To fix the problem, we must understand that why chrome has suddenly stopped working. But there are times when the user confronts the issue that Google Chrome not working properly. At that time, the user should follow the instructions mentioned in this article.


Some amazing features offered by the Google Chrome web browser:


  • It provides a separate work environment for users with beautiful themes
  • Super clean contextual menu
  • Hassle-free browsing
  • Excellent speed & high-speed apps access
  • Attractive launch bar
  • Easy & time-efficient searching tools
  • It gives a multi-functional task manager
  • Simple interface and secure browsing options
  • Quick reloading of website

What should I do my Google Chrome is not working?


  • First thing is to clear all your history and cache memory. Bulk up of this data can slow down your browser and ultimately can crash your chrome. Go ahead in your settings of the chrome browser and under history and cache settings, clear down all your history and cache data.
  • Delete all cookies and the content to make an effective move and restore the computer with default settings.
  • By disabling all extensions, launch the Chrome browser. Extensions play a major role in supplementing our daily needs. A broken extension can crash your chrome. You should also keep a quick check on the nature of the extension you add to your browser. The extension must be from a trusted source and should not be broken.
  • Try the uninstall and reinstall technique
  • If your PC acquires any security software or program then disable it first and open Google Chrome.
  • Or you can clear the host cache of Chrome.
  • You should update your chrome browser to a new version. Upgrading to a new version will speed up your browser and will get your chrome fix. You can update to the latest version by visiting the official website.
  • Google chrome can also crash if your RAM is bulked up and is being used vigorously. In such a situation, reboot your device by pressing the window button, and then under the power section select restart. A quick reboot can fix your chrome easily.

Why is google chrome not loading pages?


Applying any or all of the above steps, you can get rid of the issue of the Google Chrome page being unresponsive. If you still are not able to resolve the issue with the above-mentioned steps, you should call to Google chrome customer service number. As the customer support team gives you solutions round the clock.


Causes of Google chrome not working


Before installing any extension into your chrome browser, keep a check on the extension if it is broken or not and has trusted developers. With this, also keep a check on the number of tabs you are opening in the browser at once. Do not open multiple tabs at once in the browser, which may lead your chrome to crash.


Reading the information above, you can now easily fix why is my Google chrome not working issueFor any further assistance, you can always connect to the Google chrome customer service


Get information about Google chrome not working and its fixes


Google Chrome is undoubtedly the most helpful resource globally that operates at an online platform that works 24/7. It is available as an app on various devices to offer impressive technology. Some encounter a problem of Google Chrome Not working Android and connect with its customers by talking to its support and gaining the correct method. Many want to complete this, but they are confused and wish to gain additional information.


Causes of Google chrome functioning issue in Android


  • Internet network is not available on Android for working on Google chrome.
  • Android is hit by malware that hampers all its apps to work correctly.
  • The chrome app is not updated and working using the older version only.
  • Settings of Android were not ideally set up to allow the working of all applications.
  • All permissions are not provided to the Google chrome customer service.
  • There are some junk files and cache data in Android for the chrome app.


Online solution of chrome not working Android


The most helpful way to resolve the Google chrome application not working on your Android is to connect with Google chrome customer service. They provide you with a solution to connect through its support. This is the best online method that provides a user with a technical solution to fix Google Chrome not working Android. They can know about the root cause of its issue and the way to resolve that. Other fixes include Proper internet connection, resetting the setup requirements, and checking its junk files.

Significance of online fixes


Online resolution of any technical or general query of Chrome not working on Android is too high. This method works best for getting the correct fixes that will resolve your issue quickly and through effective measures. This is the best way to resolve Google Chrome not working Android problems through the productive advice of any customer service live person. You can talk to its customer support directly and gain official details to resolve chrome not working problem on Android.


Some frequently asked questions related to the Google chrome issue


Q1. How to fix Google Chrome browser not working?


Chrome is an impressive system of browsers that works around the clock to help users on the internet. It sometimes does not work properly and presents a lot of issues to users. You should use the method that is given below to resolve these technical issues.


  • Relaunch this browser by closing it and starting that again to use that properly.
  • Ensure that you are using a good network that gives high-speed internet.
  • Re-login Your account in chrome to refresh the syncing process.
  • Shut down the device that you are using and start that again to fix any temporary error.
  • Always use a browser that is free from the cache memory to run it smoothly.


Q2. What Causes Google Chrome Working Error?


Various errors cause the internet browser to not work without any hassle. From internet speed to outdated devices, there are many causes of Google Chrome not working error. Sometimes, the server of the website you are trying to reach does not work smoothly; this also creates a problem in using this browser. In addition older chrome software, weak internet, or overheating of the device also causes this error.


Q3. Can I Reset Google Chrome To Fix It?


Yes! You can reset the chrome browser to fix that and use its services without any flaw. One of the best methods to do it is resetting this browser. You can do it easily by using its main settings. Once you do it, all settings will be again marked at the default stage.


Q4. Is Google Chrome Support 24/7?


Indeed! Google Chrome customer service is active 24/7 to help its users gain required details that can help them to restore the functioning of this browser. You can resolve the Google Chrome Not Working problem by using the expertise of its live person. Ask them to provide you with the most useful information about the restoration of the chrome browser working.

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