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Why is my Google Chrome web browser is not working on my computer

Over the 70 percent browsing lover use Google Chrome web browser as it is the most efficient web browser which gives a number of features to its users. With the passage of time, the Chrome has developed its features and upgraded itself as the widespread web browser. But there are times when the user confronts the issues that Google Chrome not working properly. At that time, the user should follow the instructions mentioned in this article.

Some amazing features offered by Google Chrome web browser:

  • It provides a separate work environment for users with beautiful themes
  • Super clean contextual menu
  • Hassle-free browsing
  • Excellent speed & high-speed apps access
  • Attractive launch bar
  • Easy & time-efficient searching tools
  • It gives a multi-functional task manager
  • Simple interface and secure browsing options
  • Quick reloading of website

What should I do my Google Chrome is not working?

  • In the first place, you will require rebooting the computer if the Google chrome not working.
  • Delete all cookies and the content to make an effective move and restore the computer with default settings.
  • By disabling all extensions, launch the Chrome browser.
  • Try the uninstall and reinstall technique
  • If your PC acquires any security software or program then disable it first and open the Google Chrome.
  • Or you can clear the host cache of Chrome.

why is google chrome not loading pages

Applying any or all of the above steps, you can get rid of the issue that Google Chrome page unresponsive. If you still are not able to resolve the issue with the above-mentioned steps, you should call to Google Chrome customer service number. As the customer support team gives you solution round the clock.

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