Hotmail Account Recovery

Learn the simplest steps for recovering a Hotmail account

Are you demanding recovery for your Hotmail account, as you can't remember its login password? Hotmail account holders very usually forget their login password, which necessitates them resetting a new password in place of the forgotten ones.  However, recovery for a Hotmail account can be performed quite easily with the help of a simple procedure. If you are not very well-known regarding this procedure for Hotmail account recovery, follow the enlisted steps.

Hotmail Account Recovery with Different Methods


  • Visit the official website of Hotmail and open “I can’t access my account” link
  • On the next page select “I forgot my password” option and then enter your email ID
  • Next, you have to solve the CAPTCHA code problem by entering the correct code in a blank field
  • Then you will be moved to the recovery page of Hotmail and see some options
  • Now provide your registered number first, for receiving verification code on it
  • Then enter that code you have received from Microsoft on the recovery page
  • The next password reset page will open for letting you create a new password
  • In condition, you provide your recovery email for receiving the code previously
  • Then log in to your recovery email first and copy the code Microsoft has to send
  • Now, paste the code in the assigned option on the recovery page
  • Next, Microsoft will process verification and then the password reset page will open
  • Similarly, you can also choose to answer your security question for verification
  • Next, the password reset window of Hotmail will open
  • Now create a new password for your Hotmail and then save it 

Thus, you can perform the Hotmail account recovery task with this most simple procedure illustrated above. For more help, you can communicate with a representative from the customer care team and get the desired resolution with the help of an online process and tool-free number anytime you want. Get the best assistance and information easily anytime.

How to reactivate my Hotmail account


Hotmail is the free webmail service provider which is powered by Microsoft. It was commonly known as Yahoo & it is quite convenient to use. But sometimes users face problems in using a Hotmail account that could be because of technical issues. And your Hotmail account is not working properly & you want to recover your Hotmail account. And to know how do i reactivate my Hotmail account, that you must know the steps.


For that you just go through these steps that are listed below:


  • Firstly you need to go to the Hotmail recovery page
  • For that open the web browser & visit the official page
  • Then there you have to check the forgot password box that is present on the top of the page
  • Then click on next, & on the next page, you have to enter your email address. And choose within Outlook or Hotmail email address for which you want to reset password
  • Then you have to enter the verification code & the code will appear on the screen
  • You have to choose the possibility of an associate degree account reset
  • The next step is to enter your email address where you have to either sort in your full address
  • The next step is to click on the send link which will send the recovery code to your email address
  • Then the recovery code is retrieved
  • Then you have to type the recovery code, & once the code matches then you will be directed to the password recovery page
  • Now enter the replacement password then enter the password you want to keep & re-enter it.
  • This process will take you to the sign-in page where you will be able to sign in to your account by entering the new password.


So by these steps, you can know how do i reactivate my Hotmail account, without any kind of hustle.


Hence, if you want to know more information regarding how do i reactivate my Hotmail account, then you are to contact the customer service expert team to provide you assistance on it.

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