How do I cancel my Norton subscription?

Norton is antivirus software that helps the users to protect their devices from the virus and malware that attacks their operating system. To enable the software in the devices, users have to buy a subscription to Norton. Sometimes, when customers of Norton do not want to continue with the subscription, they ask queries regarding How do I cancel my Norton subscription? There are a few useful steps that any user can use to cancel their subscription. 

Below are the steps that any user can use to cancel their Norton subscription: 

  • Sign in to your Norton Account using the correct username and password.
  • On the new page, there will be a ‘my account’ section. There will be different sections or renewals and auto-renewal of the subscription. 
  • Customers have to click on the ‘cancel subscription’ option, and the deduction of the money for the renewal or subscription will be stopped. 
  • Until the last subscription expires, users will be able to use the Norton antivirus. 

Contact the support team of Norton:

If there is any trouble causing the passengers any type of problem, they can easily contact the customer support team of the software. Dial the official helpline number, which is (818)-475-8166, and reach the help team of Norton. Tell them to stop the auto-renewal for the subscription of the account. Inform them about the necessary information to cancel the subscription of the account. 

How do I cancel my Norton Account?

Suppose, for the first time, customers have created an account on Norton to operate it on the devices that they have to use for their work. Sometimes, when they do not need the account or a hold of the software, they want to delete or cancel the account they created. Some of the customers are not even aware of the steps for How do I cancel my Norton subscription?

Follow the points to cancel your Norton account:

Here is the detailed information on how the users will cancel their account on Norton. Follow them: 

  • Open the software on your devices, and sign in to the Norton page.
  • Go to the ‘my account' page on the home screen of Norton. 
  • Go to the ‘setting section’ and search for the ‘cancel membership’ option. 
  • Tap on the option, and the membership of the users will get canceled. 
  • Further, the users will not be able to operate the software. 

These were the few simple steps that any customer of Norton can use to cancel the membership of Norton. 

Contact Norton customer service:

If there is any confusion with the steps those are mentioned in the above points, they can easily get in touch with the customer support team of Norton and ask for some help to cancel out the account that you have created. They will help out the customers with accurate details. 

Can I cancel Norton at any time?

Yes, users of Norton antivirus can cancel their Norton account and subscription anytime they want it to be canceled. The users have to keep in mind that they have to be sure about the cancelation, and after the subscription cancelation, users will be able to use the Norton until the last date of the expiration. There are a few terms and conditions that users shave to follow, and they are as follows: 

  • After the cancelation of the membership, passengers will not be able to have a hold over the further use of Norton software.
  • After the automatic renewal of the subscription, the software will work until the last day of the subscription. 

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