How do I check my Norton subscription quick?

Norton is a hot favourite of all cyber security seekers around the globe, and one can easily see the reason behind it after having a quick look at the impressive number of products. Consequently, people buy the Norton products subscription. If anyone asks, How do I check my Norton subscription? they can refer to the details expounded ahead, which discuss the various Antivirus, cyber shield, Lifelock, firewalls, and data recovery and cloud security programs from Norton. 

Various ways to check the Norton subscription?

One can check their Norton subscription through multiple methods, which include using one’s Norton account and the login credentials. One can use the Norton website or the installed Norton software to check their current subscription status by themselves or ask for customer care assistance from Norton to resolve their Norton subscription queries.

Check Norton Subscription via Software:

The Norton software one has installed on their computers has a Norton profile window. One can look for the “My Norton” security window next to the Device security and click on “Help” toward the top-right. Here, one can look for the Subscription status and check the subscription details.

Check Norton Subscription via website:

The Norton website is another platform from which one can sign in to their Norton account. This helps when the Norton software isn’t working, or one doesn’t have access to their personal computer. One can use any browser on any device, even mobile phones, to open the Norton homepage and sign in to their Norton account. Next, one can proceed to the “My Norton” tab and look for the Subscription details here.

Check Norton Subscription via Customer care:

Instead of accessing one’s Norton account through the internet, one can call Norton customer care and ask the support representative about their Norton subscription. The contact number is available at the bottom of the Norton homepage.

How do I check my Norton automatic renewal?

Norton Automatic renewal is a service that helps one use the Norton subscription without any breakages once their subscription expires. As the name suggests, Norton automatic renewal renews one’s subscription as soon as it expires to let the installed Norton Software work automatically. 

  • Though the Norton Automatic renewal is always activated by default whenever Norton software is installed on a computer. 
  • Still, one can decide to have a quick look at the service by using the installed software on the computer. 
  • One can open the “My Noton” tab and select the “Manage My Subscription” option. 
  • Under here, the “Activate Subscription Renewal” is present, and one can see if it’s already activated or not.

Check Norton automatic renewal via website:

The Norton website also offers the sign-in option to access one’s Norton subscription details. Thus, those curious about How do I check my Norton automatic renewal? can sign in and find the autorenewal option by clicking on one’s profile and then selecting the “Manage My Subscription” tab and looking for the subscription renewal option. The option is active in most cases, and one can turn it on or off by using the slider.

How do I manage my Norton subscription?

The best way to manage a Norton Subscription is through one’s Norton account, which is to be used through the Norton homepage. Anyone who wonders, how do I manage my Norton subscription? can know that using the Norton website allows one to access their Norton account from any computer and mobile device that can load the Norton website. Thus, regardless of the computer where one installed the Norton security software, one can access their user account with Norton.

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