How do I complain to Avast?

Avast is an antivirus software that can protect your device from harmful viruses which can corrupt your data and from malware. If you use the Avast application and have a bad experience with the service, you can report the issue to the officials. Avast customer service welcomes the complaints of users of any type so that they can improve the features or their services for the best user experience. How do I complain to Avast? If this question strikes your mind, here you will learn about the different mediums for reporting a complaint and a few things that are needed to be considered before complaining to Avast. 

Reasons to Complain at Avast 

You can file a complaint for multiple reasons at Avast if the antivirus application does not fit your expectations. Here the major reasons are listed for which complaint can be made:

  • For subscribing to the premium version of the software and still cannot use the additional features.
  • If the installation of the antivirus causes an issue on your device.
  • If money is deducted from your account automatically, even after canceling the auto subscription. 
  • A representative at the Avast support team does not resolve your queries.  

Below are the mediums listed that you can use for filing a complaint at Avast:

Complain to Avast via Support Form

Avast has given a support form through which a complaint can be filed. You need to select the suitable options and add the necessary details on the support form, and your complaint will be submitted to the Avast support team. Adhere to the below procedure for filling out the support form:

  • Go to the webpage of Avast on your browser,
  • Click the Support option on the web page's bottom,
  • Tap the “Contact Us” icon on the page,
  • Choose a suitable option for your complaint from the given list,
  • Then tap the Next button,
  • You will get the required form to fill out,
  • Mention the details of the complaint you want to make,
  • Then tap the send button to submit the complaint at Avast. 

Call Avast antivirus Customer Service

If you want an official person to communicate with and then file your complaint at Avast, then you can call their customer service. You can reach them anytime via calling using the below process:

  • Dial the Avast antivirus complaint number: 855 745 3255,
  • Wait for an official person to avail on your call,
  • Explain your problem and ask to make a complaint about the same,
  • The official person will take the necessary details for the complaint,
  • And then, the complaint will be filed by the official person,
  • You will also receive a copy of the complaint in your email.

Connect to Avast antivirus in Live Chat

If in case the Avast antivirus complaint number cannot take you to an official person, then you may choose to connect on the live chat instead of a call. Here also, you will get assisted by an official and submit your complaint. The process for using the online medium is as follows:

  • Go to Avast support page in your browser,
  • Tab the Live Chat icon on the page that appears,
  • A small chat window will open on the page,
  • Type your message to communicate with the connected official,
  • Ask to file a complaint stating your concerned issue,
  • The person will ask for more details on the chat,
  • After sharing all the required info, the complaint will be filed at Avast.

Deliver an email

The person who worries about how do I complain to Avast? They can simply deliver an email mentioning the issues. You need to add the contact number as well on the complaint email for the official to contact you in any case. So, draft the email with the required details and deliver it to 

Points to Consider For Complaining at Avast

There are some points that you need to consider for filing a complaint at Avast, which are mentioned below:

  • You should complain at Avast for the genuine issues. Do not complain about unnecessary things at customer service. 
  • First, try to resolve the issues by contacting an expert at Avast, and if the problem remains the same, then only file the complaint.
  • The complaint takes at least seven working days to process by the officials of Avast. 

Hence, reading the above blog, your query about how do I complain to Avast? must be resolved by now. You can use any of the available mediums for making your complaint and also go through with the reasons and the considering points for filing a complaint to Avast.

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