How do I find my AOL username and password?


Guide to find or change the AOL user name and password

The AOL email account plays a vital role in users’ day-to-day life. The user-friendly email platform allows users a scope to deliver and receive emails using the AOL domain. AOL email users are often confused about AOL email username and password recovery. If you are someone who is looking for ways to retrieve a lost password or username and do not want to go through the password reset process then you have come to the right place. Let us consider some ways to find AOL username and password. Without much ado, let us begin. 


How to get access to your AOL password?

It is easy to find the AOL email password. Here is a step-by-step guide to getting access to your AOL password for your email account. 


  1. Users need to open their web browsers and navigate to the official AOL website:
  2. Continue with the AOL login page and start entering the necessary details on the page. 
  3. Users need to select the forgot passwordoption on the page. 
  4. Users need to enter a few necessary details such as the current email address along with your name as mentioned o the AOL billing information. 
  5. Enter the last four numbers as mentioned on your credit card used for the AOL email. 
  6. Hit the submit option present at the bottom of the page to get done with the verification. 
  7. You will be redirected to another page where users need to enter an alternate email address to retrieve your password.
  8. Hit the submit option and you will find access to your AOL email password on another page. 


Re-access your AOL email using the right login credentials: 


  • Open your web browser and navigate to aol.comto access the web mail login page. 
  • Users need to enter their login password and username. Enter the correct credentials and hit the Login option on the page. 

These are some of the steps that one can take in order to get answers to  How do I find my AOL username and password? If you are interested in getting access to your username then follows the below-mentioned steps: 


  1. The AOL username is the starting part (before @) of your AOL email address.
  2. Open your web browser and navigate to 
  3. Visit the username section on the page to get access to the usernames associated with your AOL account. 
  4. Users can find the username here and can make the desired changes to the username if required. 


Who to contact for help? 

If you need help with your AOL account password and username recovery, nothing is better than getting in touch with the customer service department for support and help. Multiple ways are available to get in touch with someone from the customer service department to get help.


Connect using the helpline number:

AOL customer service is available via the helpline number listed on the official AOL support page. Dial the helpline number to get in touch with a customer service executive to find the best possible solution as far as your query is concerned. 

Get in touch with a live person:

Users can reach a live person to get instant assistance on How do I find my AOL username and password. A live person is available round the clock to address all your queries and concerns. Visit the official support page to access the live chat option on the page.

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