How do I get a human at Centurylink


Get a guide for how to get a human at Centurylink anytime


Centurylink services can disappoint at times. If you are one of those who are having trouble with the services then you must get in touch with the relevant customer service department to get your queries addressed and resolved. Users need to make use of the customer service helpline number to get in touch with someone from the customer service department. 


If you want to get in getting in touch with the customer service executives at Centurylink then you should stick to the below-mentioned steps that are: 


Call on the customer service helpline number:


Users are required to get in touch with the expert customer service department using the helpline number. Users simply need to get in touch with the customer service department to get assistance with the services.


Get in touch using the official email address:


You can simply drop an email at the customer service email address. The email details are available on the official website or the help page. All you need to do is just compose an email and send it to the customer service email address to get help with your account and Centurylink services. 


Make use of the customer service support live chat:


A live chat option is available on the page to help you with issues. Navigate to the official support page to initiate a live chat with a live person at Centurylink. Professionals are able to resolve issues for you and would provide the right solutions to help deal with problems because of services.


Know how do I get a human at Centurylink for different locations


If you happen to be a new customer and would like to connect with a customer service executive then you can stick to the below-mentioned prompts. 


  • Select 1 for Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Lowa, Minnesota. 
  • Select 2 for Montana, Nebraska, New Mexico, and North Dakota. 
  • Select 3 for Oregon, South Dakota, Utah, Washington, Wyoming. 
  • Select 4 for other states.


If you are already a user of Centurylink services then you should just hear the automated voice and select the prompts accordingly.

You will be asked to enter your phone number or a 9-digit billing account number to hear further prompts and then to finally get connected with someone from the customer service team. 


Dial pad instructions for how do I get a human at Centurylink


Users will hear the following prompts by calling on the helpline number: 


Select 1 for billings. 

Select 2 for payments. 

Select 3 to terminate services. 

Select 4 to know more about the products and services. 

Select 5 for repair or technical support. 


Social media accounts for help and assistance with Centurylink services and products.


Users are recommended to connect with service executives using social media accounts. 


  • You can leave your feedback or complaint on the CenturylinkFacebook page. 
  • Use the Twitter page released by Centurylink. 
  • You can also get help using the Youtube page. 


Option to get a human at Centurylink anytime


Chat option: 


Users of Century link can connect with the customer service department using the relevant live chat option. You will connect with a live person and get your queries addressed in a go. 


A call back option is also available over chat and the availability of chat is 24/7. So one is always just a chat away from professional assistance at Centurylink. 


Perks of online connection with the professionals. 


  • Users are able to get timely help with issues. 
  • Professionals are easily available round the clock to assist. 
  • Live chat is an instant option to get in touch with a customer service executive. 
  • You can even request a callback from an expert via chat.


Points to consider regarding Centurylink issues:


If you are facing technical glitches then you have to get professional help with the service.


  • You can connect with the quick customer service representative to get accustomed to the grievances redressal process.
  • Visiting the support page is another great option if you need assistance or support with Centurylinkproducts and services. 
  • The entire ways listed above are an apt solution for how do I get a human at Centurylink.If you are unable to reach them online then you could seek help offline by visiting the Centurylink store near you. 
  • Connect with a service appointment manager to fix an appointment with a technician.


Once you are on the official support page, you will find a plethora of options available to get solutions for the problems. You could also check the status of your request via the “Where’s my technician” option on the “Help” homepage. This will help with how do I get a human at Centurylink. Users need to visit to access the help and support page for further options to connect with an expert at Centurylink. 


Users can also dial 1800 number to reach the customer service professionals for help with the services. It is the technicians who can help you with your queries, issues, concerns and problems. Connect online to get proper resolutions in an instant. 

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