How do I get my AOL mail back on my iPad


Guide with methods on how to get AOL mail back on iPad


AOL mail is the free mail service provided by Verizon Communication to their users, which allows the user to send mail to others. If you have installed the AOL mail in your iOS or iPad and now you need some solutions to get back the mail on your iPad, you can follow some tips provided by the software. Many users always face questions about how they will get back to their mail or restore the mail and are not aware of the solutions. There can be many scenarios created when the users cannot install their application or want to restore or set up the AOL mail on their iPad. Many methods are used so that they can reach the answers to their solution.


Provide the AOL mail manually on your iPad


If there are any questions regarding how do I get my AOL mail back on my iPad? Then there are some steps through which you can set up it manually without any help of others-


  • You have to tap on the mail application on the iPad screen. After the mail opens, you need to find out the options like Mail, Calendars, and Contacts on the page and tap on the Add account option.
  • Here will be AOL mail. Now you have to choose the automatic setup option. Next, tap on the Other option above to enter the steps manually. You will be easily shown below on the screen. 
  • A new page will just appear on the screen from there. Choose the add account option and fill in with the correct username and password.
  • Now choose the option given as IMAP or POP on the iPad. It will recognize your account and configure the AOL mail with iPad air. 
  • Now enter the incoming and outgoing mail server information. If it is not much, you will need to change and copy-paste the information below the iPad air. 
  • Now, tap on the next option. AOL server will verify the login details and password. If there is nothing wrong, you have successfully set up your account on your iPad.


Fix the AOL mail through App:


If you have problems related to the AOL mail and have questions on how do I restore my AOL mail on my iPad? Then you can follow the steps using the application of AOL mail:


  • You need to update your application on your iPad. The application works the best when updated and on its latest version. If you have not installed the AOL mail application, install it on your iPad.
  • Now you have to go to the setting options on your iPad, go to the application option, and choose the AOL mail. Now disable the application.
  • After that, restart the iPad. After it gets started, repeat the procedure of going to the settings option and enabling the application. You can go to the application and restore the AOL mail using the proper username and password. 


You can also perform the procedure of deleting and reinstalling applications.


  • Tap and just hold the App you want to uninstall until all the app icons start to shake. Now you have to tap on the X in the corner of the AOL mail app.
  • Next, tap on the Delete option of the application. After that, you have to lock your iPad, or you can even restart the device. 
  • Next, go to the Apple store and search for the AOL application. Click on the Download option and install the AOL app again on your iPad.
  • Now, open the application and enter the existing username and password to restore the AOL mail on your device. 


So with the above available information, any user will get easy solution options for how do I get my AOL mail back on my iPad when needed in minimum time.

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