How do I manually update my Norton Antivirus?

You can anytime update the Norton protection plan to the latest version. There are options through which you can easily update the Norton Antivirus in less time. Hence, you can manually update the Norton through the below methods:

Update Norton through the account:

  • First, you need to open the official website of Norton on your search portal.
  • Afterward, you need to select the sign-in button and enter the correct username and password.
  • With this, you will get into your account, where you need to choose the device security option.
  • From there, you can select the device and tap on the update given next to the protection plan.

Update Norton through Norton update center:

  • For this, you need to visit the Norton update center and tap on the update me now option.
  • You can tap on the security warning option available under the file download option.
  • Hence, you can download the update manually, and once it is done, you need to install it on your windows.

Moreover, if you still face any doubts regarding the updates, you can clear them with the customer support team of Norton. You can ask them How do I manually update Norton? on using the services again. Hence to get in touch with the representative, you can see the different ways available at their support handle. They will help you solve all the update-related issues in less time.

With this, changes will be applied immediately, and Norton will be set to the automated updates.

Get a guide on Norton antivirus software updater

Norton has ensured you get the best protection for your laptop or mobile phone. It would help if you made sure you used the right way to download and install the antivirus. However, to keep your third-party programs up to date, you can use the Norton Antivirus. That is undoubtedly going to help you out removing any security vulnerabilities. To have complete protection, it is essential to ensure that all the programs or software are entirely up to date. 

How does Norton software updater work?

If the programs on your computer are not up to date, then your computer might be at risk of cyber attack. A program that is not up to date can be easily exploited or affected by cyber criminals. This makes it important to keep your software entirely up to date. So, if you want to know, How do I update my Norton Antivirus? Then you need to go through the requirements and benefits of Norton. Then your issue is going to be fixed shortly. 

Process to run the software updater:

To run the software updater, you must ensure that you have walked through the easy steps mentioned below. Then you’ll be able to make your  Norton antivirus software updater function within a few minutes. 

  • You need to open the device in which you have installed the Norton security. 
  • Open the “My Norton” window. Next to the “Software updater” option, you need to click the “Scan” button. 
  • In the software updater window, you need to wait until the scan is finished. 
  • In case the earlier scan result is shown, then you need to click the button “Rescan.” 
  • You need to click the “Programs requiring attention” tab. Now you need to make the selection of the tab which you’re looking forward to updating. 
  • In case you want the software updater to look for the updates regarding your Windows. Select “Include Windows Update.” 
  • If you selected the Windows update in the last scan, you need to click the option of “Include Windows update” in the current scan. Now the windows updates will be added in the current session too. 
  • Now you need to make the selection of the “Update” button. 
  • Once the scan is over, then you need to take the appropriate actions regarding that. 
  • If you don’t want to update a program, you need to select “Exclude.” 
  • Make the selection of the “Other Programs” tab. You’ll be able to review the programs that got updated to the latest version. 
  • Click the button “Finish.”

Requirements to access the features of Norton software updater:

You need to ensure that you have a Windows user account with administrator access to get the features of Norton Software. 

You cannot access the feature of Norton antivirus if you’re using the trial version of Norton and it came preinstalled on your PC.   

Benefits of the Norton Software updater

  • The software updater will ensure that all your programs are up to date. That will protect your PC against all the threats that can occur.  
  • Not only does the program update, but the Window updater is also there to scan for the Windows path updates. For that, you need to ensure that you have selected the “Include the Windows updates” option to turn on that feature. 
  • If you don’t want to scan the window updates, then you need to turn the Windows updates scan off from the Software updater.

Does Norton Antivirus automatically update?

So, if you doubt in your mind, or you want to ask, How does Norton software updater work? However, there are still lots of important points to consider. You can go through those below. 

  • You can quickly turn the auto update on or off. For that, you need to select the “Settings” icon. Then click the “Software updater” button. Now choose the Auto-update option. 
  • Those programs or software will not be updated, which Norton Software does not support. 
  • The software updater can't update programs that are productivity-related, Browsers, communication and meetings-related programs, media, gaming, and file sharing programs. 

That is it. These are important details regarding the Norton antivirus software updater. Make sure you read all of it to get the complete information and protect your PC.  

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