How do I recover my AOL email


Want to recover AOL email? Here is everything you must know about it


AOL provides an excellent platform where you can share information securely and safely. Though, in some cases and due to many activities, a person fails to access them. In such cases, it would be better to run the recovery process. However, many of you might be wondering through different questions. To know about everything from how do I recover my AOL email to importance? Here you are going to learn about everything. 


What are the recovery options of AOL emails?


There are certainly different ways through which you can complete the recovery process. You can select any one of them which you find suitable. 


Recover AOL emails through phone 


Yes, with the phone, you can easily recover your AOL email account. Here, you need to take care of the number that should be registered with a current account. Once you do this, it makes the overall process easy, and you can recover the account fast. 


Recover AOL emails through alternative email:


You can get AOL to recover fast with an alternative email address. It will make the whole process easy, but it should be linked with your AOL account. You must get the option of adding alternative emails addresses while creating an account. 


Recover AOL emails through security questions:


With security questions, you can easily recover it. But, it is recommended to use when you are running out of options like you are not receiving code or don’t have any alternate email address. In this, you need to answer some questions that match the ones you answer while creating an account. 


You can see in how many ways you can get the answer of how do I recover my AOL email, and to know the steps, you can read further. 


What are the steps to recover AOL emails?


There are certain steps that you can direct online:


  • First of all, go to the AOL email recovery page. 
  • Here you can see the login and recovery option. You have to select the recover option among them. 
  • Next, you can see the various options to recover that you must have read in the above-mentioned paragraph 
  • Further, you need to select any one of them and continue.
  • If you have chosen a phone number, then you will get the code for recovery. And when you put email, then you will get a recovery link; you have to select this and follow the on-screen instruction. 
  • Once you complete this, then you will be provided with a new page, where you can reset the password and set a new one; then, you have to log in with a new password.


These are the steps, and with this, you must get the answer of how do I recover my AOL email and make sure you go with each and every step. 


What is the importance of online recovery of AOL email?


After you go through and everything about AOL email recovery from how do I recover my AOL email password to know the process to do it; what is the importance of doing this.  


Make account more secure:


When you do not make any credentials changes, you might face some external issues like hacking. So it is important to have a strong password, and with this recovery process, you are changing the password that makes it more secure.  


Not losing information:


In case you are making recovery, then you don’t have to worry about data. It will be safe, and you are not going to lose them. This is something that makes it a more effective and safe process to run. 


Gain access to the account:


Recovery is the only way that makes this process effective, and you can get access to your account. There are no other ways to get this and make this whole process easy. The best part is that you can run the recovery process online that makes this less hectic and high efficient. 


You can see how do I recover my AOL email password and why you do this online. Though it may happen that you are less technical and find it hard to comprehend steps, then you can rely on the support team of AOL. You have to share some information to prove that you are the true owner of the account. 

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