How to remove an account from Google?


Maybe you have multiple Gmail accounts, and you want to remove one. Well, it is possible to delete a Google Gmail account along with all its messages. Don’t worry! Your YouTube or Facebook account, based on that email account, will remain unchanged. The removal process doesn’t require any hardcore science. You will only have to click numerous times to remove the account. Today you will learn the steps of how to remove Google account from a laptop.


What are the steps of deleting your Gmail account?


1. Open Gmail and go to your ACCOUNT SETTINGS

2. Now you need to delete your account or services under Account preferences


4. Here you will need to select the Gmail account you are willing to delete

5. The ENTER YOUR PASSWORD window will open

6. Type your password here

7. Click on NEXT

8. You will find the trashcan icon next to Gmail

9. Here you are supposed to enter an email address that is different from the concerned email address


11. Open the email with the subject Security alert for your linked Google account or Gmail Deletion Confirmation

12. A deletion link will appear which is needed to be followed

13. Now you have to log in to the Gmail account you are deleting

14. Select YES, I WANT TO DELETE EXAMPLE@GMAIL.COM permanently from my Google Account

15. Click on DELETE GMAIL


Contact customer care to know more about how to remove google account


Do you have the official customer support number of Google? The customer support professionals associated with Google are highly trained and efficient enough to answer your question – how do I remove an account from Google. You can also get a callback by dropping an email or by sending an offline chat. As soon as your request is received, you will get a call from the support engineers.

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