How Can I remove my credit card from AVG? 

There is dramatic growth in the field of technology, and with this, certain threats, such as ransomware, virus, malware, hackers, etc., can easily misuse your data. So, to protect it, AVG acts as a protector. Suppose you already use its services to protect from other threats, and you have a query related to How do I remove my credit card from AVG? so there is no fee deduction once your subscription is over. 

You are requested to go through the discussion and understand certain factors; please look at the discussion: 

Remove the credit card details through website online 

Circumstances may arise when AVG’s users decide to remove all their credit details. Some do this for security purposes, while others avoid any further charges deducted by the agency for the services. So, you are expected to look at the steps mentioned below; please follow them appropriately, and you will be done with the process:

  • First, tap on the link to begin the process. 
  • There you will be asked to enter your registered Email Address. 
  • Once you tap Request Access, you will be sent a text; tap the link. 
  • Click on the Go to Portal tab on it. 
  • There you will view the Support option; tap on it. 
  • You will find the tab to submit a request to erase credit card details from your account. 

Remove your Credit card by logging in 

Users always ask How do I remove my credit card from AVG? so the agency does not charge them in the future. So, for that, you are requested to read out the illustration given below and go step by step; please have a look:

  • Log in to your AVG account. 
  • There you have to tap on your profile. 
  • Scroll down to view the Settings and Privacy option; click on it. 
  • Once you are there, you must tap on Payment Detail. 
  • You will view the Credit Card option; click on it. 
  • Remove all the information from there, and submit it. 

How to contact AVG Support team to remove credit card details?

There are numerous reasons for reaching out to the technical team, for example, to know How do I remove my credit card from AVG?, technical issue, subscription-related queries, etc., so you can go through the discussion:

Through a live chat— Once you visit its website, navigate to the Contact Us section; you will view the chat icon on the right, tap and ask your concerns. 

Choose a concern and get an expert— On its website, under the Help tab, choose your concern, for example, Installation, unsubscribe, sales, billing, etc., and you will be assigned an executive.

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