how do I sign up for AOL email

Get a quick guide for how do I sign up for AOL email account

AOL is an American web portal and online service provider headquartered in New York City. The service provides an incredible online service with multiple facilities. To avail of the facilities provided by an AOL email, users are first required to sign up for an account in AOL email. The service provides you with a personalized mail experience to connect with your friends and family. There are three options present on an AOL email service listed below.


  • Create a new AOL account.
  • Manage your username and password.
  • Get support with other AOL mail account questions.


How to create a new AOL account?

To create a new account of an AOL email, users are required to visit the application's official website. If you also want to know how do I sign up for AOL email account, follow the below written instructions.

Step 1: First of all, open an internet browser through your mobile or computer.

Step 2: Go to the official homepage of AOL and click on the service provider's login page.

Step 3: A new page will appear, tap on sign up and enter the required details, including the first name, last name, correct email address and password. Users are also supposed to fill in the mobile number, birth date, and the user's gender.

Step 4: After filling in the necessary details, press on continue and follow the upcoming on-screen process.

Step 5: Once the procedure is complete, you'll get notified through your registered mobile number.


Manage the user name and password.

AOL provides facilities to manage your username and password issues with AOL email sign up online. If any user needs to change or reset their password, manage their account, etc., you can access your account anytime from anywhere. If you want to manage your account's settings, go through the below-written steps.

Step 1: Launch any internet browser through your mobile or computer.

Step 2: Go to the homepage of AOL and visit the service provider's login page.

Step 3: Enter your login details, including the available registered email address and password.

Step 4: A page will appear with all the account details: go to the settings section of your account.

Step 5: Now click on general settings and tap on the respective option you need to manage or change.

Step 6: Follow the on-screen procedure to complete the process. Users might get a verification code on their registered mobile number to verify the changes. Enter the code and confirm the changes.

 How do you get help with other AOL mail account questions?

AOL live technical support is present 24/7 to help the users whenever they need it. One can contact the executives for more assistance and information from the service provider. To get help from the support team, go through the below-written steps.

Step 1: Through your mobile and computer, launch an internet browser.

Step 2: With good internet connectivity, visit the official website of AOL email service.

Step 3: Scroll down the page, and tap on the 'help' option present at the bottom of the following page.

Step 4: A new page will appear, with a helpline number. You can also find several common topics with solutions asked by different users.

Step 5: Dial the number through your available mobile and listen carefully to the IVR.

Step 6: Press the number to choose your preferred language and talk to a live representative.

Step 7: Soon, your call will transfer to the respective agent with all the required information.

Step 8: The other methods to contact the support team are live chat, social media, and email.


With the above information user can easily sign up and for more guide on how do I sign up for AOL email get connected to the expert team anytime easily.

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