How do I stop automatic payments on Avast?

Avast Antivirus has become essential to protecting against malware and viruses. It is most important to every computer user’s life who needs to download and install antivirus software to scan laptop, mobile, and computer devices at any time. Avast offers a subscription with three different free, premium, and pro plans If you have purchased the subscription but don’t need it anymore, you can stop it. But suppose you ask how do I stop automatic payments on Avast. In that case, get valuable guidance provided by the representative customer team is available to assist you instantly. You can take one, and when you choose a free program, it is entirely free, while the other two offer completely paid service.

What are the payment methods for Avast?

Installing the Avast Antivirus on your computer device is entirely safe and helps you remove or quarantine the threats. You will get a positive impact on your computer device after installing the reputed Avast Antivirus software that you can purchase through its subscription that works perfectly every time. It helps you scan your computer device, kill an entire virus on your device, and keep it clean every time. Your subscription will be automatically renewed after purchasing it from the Avast Antivirus customer service team, and you don’t need to do anything. But if you don’t require Avast and want to stop automatic payment on Avast, you can cancel the auto-renewal billing subscription from the same online instantly. 

Steps to stop automatic payment on Avast

Further, if you don’t continue with the Avast auto renewal payment, you can stop it soon. If you feel uncomfortable for the payment deduction and you ask how do I stop automatic payments on Avast, you must understand these simple steps to complete the task easily. You will put some positive effort to cancel your Avast subscription by uninstalling the software from your computer device and stop automatic payment on Avast easily.  

  • First, launch an internet browser on your device and go to the Avast Antivirus software to log in to your Avast account.
  • You will find the license of your Avast subscription by just clicking on the licenses option showing on the same page.
  • Ensure your license is sent to the email address you signed with its correct user ID and password.
  • Go to the Avast Antivirus subscription tab and select the auto-renewal section, where you must enter the card details.
  • Click on the Continue or Canceled Auto-renewal subscription and select the choice to make confirmation easily.
  • Your Avast subscription will be disabled after selecting the auto-renewal subscription option in the confirmation box.
  • Get the message to stop automatic payment on Avast after removing your card from the subscription and ensure there is no other bank information eventually.

Policy to stop automatic payment on Avast?

A time always comes when your computer device does not perform well and needs a technical troubleshooting process that generally solves with the help of Avast Antivirus software is available to assist you at any time. Sometimes, you cancel the subscription to protect your computer device, which is essential to remove viruses and other malware attacks. If you ask how do I stop automatic payments on Avast, go through the policy to stop automatic renewal and payment on Avast systematically.

  • It is all about the robust level of protection you can do with the Avast Antivirus software available to assist you anytime.
  • You purchase Avast 60 days trial subscription that can be terminated within 60 days automatically and stop automatic payment on Avast.
  • You can purchase Avast for free, an excellent way to learn the program and avoid paying unnecessary payments.
  • It is effortless to download the original Avast and cancel the Avast subscription with the allowance of the software for two months for free.

Other points to consider for Avast assistance

After the cancellation, you can apply for the Avast refund request and check if your money has been deducted. It asks you to claim a refund on the next screen, where you can click to get a refund soon. Suppose you want to get complete information for the automatic payment on Avast. In that case, you are always free to contact the Avast Antivirus customer service team is available to assist you at your required time. You will get complete information to protect your computer device and stop deducting an amount for the subscription again at a specific time. 

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