How do I stop Norton Automatic Renewal Service? 

One can turn off the Norton Automatic renewal service by using the Norton software, the Norton website, or by contacting customer care. There are many options by which you can get rid of auto renewal process, the guide is available in an easy-to-understand form for all users. The query How do I stop Norton Automatic Renewal Service? is resolved through the phone in less waiting time.

Through the website:

  • One can get to the official Norton website and then sign in using their Norton account credentials.
  • Once signed in, the website will load a Norton Dashboard, and one has to click on the "Automatic Renewal" settings option.
  • Next, click on "My Account" and then "My subscription," and then click on the "Automatic renewal" toggle button to turn it off.
  • Once the toggle is made, the automatic renewal settings being turned off will be confirmed within five hours maximum.
  • Thereafter, the webpage can be closed after logging out from the website.

Through the software:

The Norton software also has a built-in option to turn off the auto-renewal, but if it doesn't work, one can try to update both the software and the computer and turn off the computer to cool down a bit. One can power up the computer again and check if the software allows the auto-renewal to be turned off. If it doesn't, call avast antivirus customer care by dialing "000 800 100 7601" and asking for assistance on the said concern.

Via customer care:

  • Norton customer care can also be contacted to shut down the automatic renewal service.
  • One can get the contact details of Norton customer care from the Norton support webpage.
  • Click on the "Support" menu at the top of the Norton homepage and select "Member Service and Support."
  • This will open the Norton Support page, and one can choose the "Buy and Renew" tab to get to the Norton contact details.
  • Dial the number and ask the Norton agent to cancel the automatic subscription renewal program.

Why can't I turn off Norton automatic renewal? 

Norton products are purchased on the basis of a yearly subscription, upon the expiry of which the subscription is set to be renewed automatically. Some users might not even be aware of this, and thus they get concerned over unwanted charges showing up on their credit cards. Those who are wondering How do I stop Norton Automatic Renewal Service? know about auto-renewal don't know how to turn it off. At times, the auto-renewal slider within the Norton software doesn't respond due to a faulty installation, pending update, or a bad internet connection.

Does Norton Lifelock automatically renew? 

The subscription for Norton Lifelock also automatically renews according to the opted billing cycle, i.e., on a monthly or on an annual basis. One can turn on or off the automatically renew feature of their Norton Lifelock subscription. The steps would be the same as that of a regular Norton subscription, as elaborated above using the Norton website. If anyone asks Why can't I turn off Norton automatic renewal? then they might not be following the prescribed method or their Norton Lifelock software may not be installed properly. However, using the Norton website to turn off the auto-renewal would resolve this concern. One can also call Norton LifeLock customer support to get this concern resolved.

Can Norton be purchased without auto renewal?

Yes, it can be purchased without auto renewal, you can just turn off the auto renewal from the setting as mentioned above. It is not mandatory to get it with auto renewal as there are many short term users also.

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