how do I switch from AOL to Gmail

AOL email account has proven to be one of the most effective communication platforms. If you wish to switch your AOL email account to Gmail, you must have a new Gmail account that makes it easy to import your AOL contacts and messages using the import tools quickly. But you ask how do I switch from AOL to Gmail, you need to go through the essential things to find it quite simple to perform this task perfectly. 

How Can I change from AOL to Gmail?

AOL communication process is pretty smooth and effective like Gmail and Outlook account. This free email provides unlimited storage to the users, making it quite different from other email service providers. If you want to receive mail to your AOL email address without signing in to AOL, you need to set up an automatic forwarding option that assists you in using your AOL email account quickly. So if you want to ask how do I switch from AOL to Gmail, you need to clear some basic concepts that would make every step relatively easy in many senses. So go with these suitable switching options and start switching from AOL to Gmail quickly. 

Switching Option:

When you need to switch your AOL webmail account to Gmail, you must have basic information for the switching option that would provide you with smooth & basic tricks to complete the switching process appropriately. There are some crucial switching options, including

  • Automatic Mail Forwarding.
  • Use the Mail Fetcher option.
  • Folder transfer from AOL to Gmail.
  • Import your contacts from AOL email to Gmail.
  • Use the export option and so forth. 

These options are the best in switching tasks from AOL to Gmail, and you shouldn't log in to your AOL email account server times as you start receiving emails from one platform of Gmail account. So if you ask that how do I switch from AOL to Gmail, you need to go through the correct switching options to start the process online.   

Switching Process Online:

Suppose you are really interested in knowing the smooth ideas to start the switching process on its official website but ask how do I switch from AOL to Gmail. In that case, you must have basic information of its method provided by the expert team now. So let's go through the simple process to switch from AOL to Gmail.

Import your AOL Mail and contacts to Gmail

When you try to switch from AOL Mail to Gmail, it is quite simple that you can sync your contacts, emails, and calendar while performing the task. So let's learn the simple methods to understand easily.

  • At first, ensure the internet browser is on and visit the Gmail account sign-in page and enter the particular user ID and password to access.
  • Click on the gear icon showing on the page, go to the all settings tab, click on the accounts and import option, and choose the import mail and contacts tab.
  • You need to type your AOL email address and password, click on the continue button, and now click on the import button and check the boxes.
  • You have to notice mail, contacts, calendars that you can see on the same platform without log-in your AOL account every time and reply to every mail quickly.

Forwarding AOL Mail to Gmail:

If you are not happy with the above steps and asking how do I switch from AOL to Gmail, try the forwarding option to switch from AOL to a Gmail account. Let's learn its simple methods.

  • Ensure that the Gmail account is signed in using its appropriate user ID and password, and go to the gear icon to select all settings options.
  • Click on the account and import tab and click on Add a mail account, type AOL email address and password, and link it to Gmail account.
  • Click on the Next button and sign in to your AOL account using its appropriate user ID and password and click on the next tab click on agree tab finally. 

You can also expert your AOL to Gmail account and check all the emails on one platform at any time. 

Importance of switching online:

You can gain several importance after switching from AOL to a Gmail account, some of mentioned down.

  • During switching from AOL to Gmail, you can secure your data, including mail, contacts, folders, attachments, etc.
  • You can enable seamless AOL with a selective email like a Gmail account and store the information.
  • In this process, you can earn advanced filters that configure the multiple filters to desired emails from the AOL email account.
  • You will get a 100% safe and secure switching process from AOL to Gmail without any modification and get more importance you want to meet. 

Points to consider while switching:

When you switch from AOL to Gmail, you need to go through some suitable points, including.

  • Ensure the internet browser is working well.
  • You know the correct Gmail user ID and password.
  • It is essential to log in to your AOL email account to check its activity.
  • Make sure that you will receive emails on your mobile phone in one place.
  • Use standard web browsers like Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, etc.

If you are still having some more doubts considering how do I switch from AOL to Gmail, you need to get detailed advice from our customer service team that is available to assist you at your convenient time quickly. 

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