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AOL email is a division of Verizon that provides you the facility to send your emails efficiently. It also provides you a feature of filtering unwanted messages. For this, you can use the blocking options to block the junk messages. 


There are times when customers block the valid email account that results in a hindrance to communication. If you have also blocked someone on AOL email accidentally and seeking the answer of how do I unblock AOL email, this article will help you.


What are the unblocking options to unblock an AOL email


The unblocking option depends on which platform you have blocked the user. AOL has instant messenger and AOL email that can be used for communication. Given below are some of the options through which you can unblock an AOL email.


  • Email
  • Chat/Instant Messenger
  • Junk Folder
  • Block mail containing picture and files option


If you want the process of unblocking the AOL email, you need to check the following segment.


Steps to unblock the AOL email account


You can choose any of the two methods given below to get the answer of how do I unblock AOL email.


  • You need to open your AOL email account and log in to it.
  • Locate the Options button below your name and pick the mail Settings option.
  • Now open the General Settings page and choose the Spam Settings option.
  • You will find the Sender Filter List, where you can see all the blocked email addresses.
  • You can also search the user id in the domain section using @ symbol.
  • Click on the X icon given besides the email address.
  • In the end, you can hit the Save Settings button to unblock the email account.


To unblock someone on Chat, you need to enter the user's name in the Start or Find a Chatbox. Choose the option of Unblock this Person in the dropdown menu given with the name of the user.


By following the steps above, you will resolve the question of how do I unblock AOL email.


Importance of unblocking someone online


If you have blocked some email addresses, you cannot send or receive any email on the platform. Due to this, you remain unaware of much important information. To avoid this situation, AOL email provides you the option of online unblocking so that you can check and unblock the valid user.


Points to consider while unblocking AOL email account


  • If you have unblocked someone recently, it will take time to restore the old data.
  • You need to check the email id of the user before unblocking the account.
  • If you have blocked someone on email, you will not receive the message on Chat also.
  • You need to unblock the user on both the platform separately.


Other important points


  • Make sure that your phone has enough storage to receive the emails.
  • Check the internet connection to complete the process smoothly.
  • Delete the data of junk messages to remove the cache.


These are some of the important information you need to know while unblocking someone on AOL email. If you still face some issue with how do I unblock AOL email, you can check the answer in the support section of the AOL email official website.

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