How much is Norton per month?

Virus protection is an important aspect of device maintenance and one of the most used services worldwide. Although many electronic devices have inbuilt virus and malware protective services, with the growing reach of the internet, encounters with malicious software are becoming more and more common. This protective software comes in various ranges, along with different types of additional services. This article will discuss Norton Antivirus and its different plans, how much it would cost, and other important details. 

Norton offers 4 different plans for customers starting at $1.66 per month and is billed yearly. Three features are common in all the plans, password managing facility, 100% virus protection, and real-time threat protection; all the features unique to the four plans are discussed below.

Norton Antivirus Plus: This plan starts at $6.37 and gives additional PC Cloud Backup and smart firewall services for Pc or Mac. You can use this for all kinds of windows and Apple devices.

Norton Antivirus Plus for 3 Devices: This service is identical to the one described above, with the only exception being the extra storage space; it is provided to link three computers simultaneously and upload any important information to the 2GB cloud backup storage. This extra space helps in fast functioning and faster response to the threat. This service starts at $8.99 per month.

Norton 360 Standard: This service has two types of payment options. You can either opt for the annual plan or a 2-year plan. The service starts at $10.21 per month and gives you the following additional service- Self-Cam for PCs, secure VPN, and 10 GB PC cloud backup. 

Norton 360 Deluxe 3 Devices: The $12.96 service is good for people who need service for many individuals. Including kinds; in this sense, it is suitable for people having kids or big families. The cloud backup is the same but with additional features such as 24/7 support, parental control, and school time services. As before, this also has 2 payment options, an annual plan, and a 2-year plan. 

Hence, your question How much is Norton per month? does not have one specific answer; rather, it depends on the plan you decide to go with. The company keeps launching new deals and offers, such as discounts of up to 70%. But note that these are limited period offers, so you should head to the official site as soon as possible. 

How much is Norton Antivirus for computers?

The computer price range starts at about $6.37 and comes with various features. Under the discount season, the prices for the most extensive package can go as low as $12.96. If you have missed the discount offer, the prices can go as high as $38. Hence, depending upon the time, you decide to buy the services, answer How much is Norton per month? will be somewhere between $76-$456 annually. 

In addition to the price, there are certain pros and cons of the services that will be influenced by your pack and the device you use the services on. For example, the parental control feature is not available on Mac iOS. Have a detailed conversation with your service provider before you buy the product. 

Does Windows 10 need antivirus?

Your Windows 10 has built-in protection software, but it is the very basic software that protects against the most basic threats. If your device encounters heavy malicious software attacking the firewalls without an additional protective wall, the chances of it failing is pretty high. Hence, you are advised to update your Windows 10 with at least one additional antivirus software.

You can get the most basic plan available and club it up with the computer's inbuilt service. Additionally, Norton has also created an app that will help you keep track of all the antivirus activities. It will also tell you how many licenses you have used.

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