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Google Search Console is an interesting and very important tool from Google which gives site owners crucial information about their site and people visiting their sites. This tool is currently being enjoyed by a varied number of users including CEOs, marketing professionals, app developers, designers, and business owners besides webmasters. Seeing the versatility of its users, Google has renamed the tool from Google Webmaster Tools to Google Search Console in May of 2015.


If you are new to this tool and doesn’t know how to access Google Search Console, then read the beginner’s guide here.


Getting Your Site Registered With the Console


1. Log in to your Search Console account

2. On the next page, you will see a red button reading Add Property, enter your site’s URL which you are trying to register on the Console and hit the red button.


Verifying Your Site


1. See Manage Property on the Search Console dashboard

2. Hit Verify this Property

3. Touch Recommended Method

4. An HTML Tag option will appear immediately after you touched the Recommended Method

5. If this doesn’t appear, click on the Alternate Method

6. Now, select HTML Tag

7. You will be provided with an HTML code that you will require for site verification

8. Add the code to your site in order to get it verified from Google


how to set up google search console

So, this is the simplest method for those who don’t know how to use Google Search Console and are thinking of taking advantage of this prominent tool for the health of their website. Besides the HTML Code verification method, there are various other routes through which you can get your website verified. However, of them all, verification through HTML code is the most popular one. Hence, we have brought here a small tutorial on this method for those who don’t know how to access Google Search Console. Hope, the information is useful to you. Stay with us to read the next post for detailed insight on various other topics like the one covered here.

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