Get an easy way to resolve how to add Gmail to iPhone mail?

iPhone is like another revolution in the mobile technology. More advanced and more secure and at the same time, more user-friendly. One can do various things, functions, and enjoy facilities with iPhone. iPhone is based on ios operating system. Android devices are run by Google but ios devices usually run with Apple software and applications. So a Google user may face some issue while using the iPhone because it is not easy to use Google and its other applications like Gmail, YouTube, Google Calendar, Contacts etc.

When your every data is with Google, it is not possible to create an entirely new account with iPhone. The question is how to add Gmail to iPhone mail? The relief is, yes, there is a way to access Google and its other things with iPhone mail. So here we go!

Find the easiest way on how to add Gmail to iPhone-

  1. In iPhone, hit on Settings.
  2. Then tap on Mail, Calendar & Contacts.
  3. Then hit Add Account.
  4. Now here, choose Microsoft Exchange.
  5. Then enter Gmail complete id in the username field.
  6. Then enter the password.
  7. Enter the description as you wish.
  8. Tap next.
  9. A user may see a message that Certificate Not Verified. Just tap Cancel and enter in the server field that appears later.
  10. Tap Next and you all set.
  11. Now you can see you Gmail emails with the Mail app.

 How to add Gmail to iPhone mail?

So this is the tricky way for it. A user can access Gmail, Contacts, Calendar, and notifications just by this one single account but specifically, it needs to be added to Microsoft Exchange. The process is easy and many times, it is the only way out for how to add Gmail to iPhone mail. Also, if you delete it from there, it gets moved into Trash folder and not completely deleted. so any time, you can check the archived emails. If you find any problem in that, call at the Google technical support phone number and ask the experts about that. This service is all the time active. The certified technical executives will guide you to how to add Gmail to iPhone mail? This is the best way to get the problem solved quickly and efficiently. Google with iPhone is not an issue now!

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