How Is It Possible To Block Shaw Email On iPhone

Shaw email account is available with a unique set of features and can be accessed from anywhere, it is useful for the completion of several personal and professional works. You can find it helpful for the business purpose at the lower and upper level. An individual can set up this Shaw email on various devices like iPhone,iPad, Android and much more.

Shaw email can be installed on every access device without finding any serious trouble, it can easily synchronize and configured. It helps you to be in contact with clients, friends, and relatives every time. For the urgent situations, it can be better to use the helpline number.


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How to block shaw email on iPhone?

  • To block a Shaw email on iPhone, it is required for you to by certain specific steps:-
  • First, you need to click the “Settings” tab.
  • There is need to tap on the Mail link in the “Settings” list.
  • By using the “Filters” section, choose the option of “Blocked Senders” List.
  • Tap on Edit and can do the necessary changes. An individual can add and remove named users from the list of senders that have been blocked.
  • Even, you could turn the filter on or off by choosing Active or Inactive.
  • Tap the “OK” button when you're finished
  • See if you issue how to block shaw email on iPhone has been resolved or not

how to setup shaw email on iPhone 


When the solution to this specific issue is not helpful to you, try to reach experts as soon as possible. After you connect with experts on time, the problem will be resolved instantly. To be in contact with the experts, there is a need to use the helpline number. First, you need to describe your issue to the tech expert. The technician will first take the remote access of the user’s screen and try to know the actual cause of the problem. There are no definite hours to reach experts, they can be contacted based on your requirement.

Apart from using the live support option, you can even get help by using live chat and email service. As there are several options to find help but it always good to reach customer care by using technical support number.


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