How do I change my Amazon prime password 


Information to change the Amazon prime password in quick time


Amazon Prime has emerged as the source of blessing for those people who are obsessed with watching online series or movies. For the audience who believes in watching digital web series and movies, you can easily sign up for the subscription of Amazon Prime and enjoy watching different series and movies.


Method for how to Change Amazon prime password


To be able to stream movies and series online, you need to create an account on Amazon prime and then sign up for it by using any username and password. But sometimes people end up forgetting the password. And if you are wondering about how do I change my Amazon prime passwordthen you can use the following steps to change the password. Get the best assistance with Amazon prime customer service when needed. 


  • To change the password of Amazon prime, first of all, go to the sign-in page and log in to the account. 
  • Now on the homepage, tap on the option of login and security. Once done, now under the password option, tap on the edit link.
  • Once done, enter the old password first and then enter the new password. Re-enter the password to confirm.


And you are done with the steps of ‘how do I change my Amazon prime password’.


Why is it important to keep changing the password of Amazon Prime? 


A lot of people end up forgetting the password of Amazon prime because they don’t change it regularly. And this mostly happens if they are confused regarding how to change the password of the Amazon prime. However below are the given points as to why you should keep changing the Amazon password.


  • If you change the Amazon password regularly then you would be able to remember the password.
  • A lot of people forget the old passwords because they don’t change it quite often and then as a result forget them.
  • Also if you change the password replacing with a new password then your account will be safe from hackers and the people who knew your previous password.
  • By changing the password or adding the two-factor verification, your account automatically becomes free of threats. 


And therefore that’s all for how do I change my Amazon prime password’. 


Different types of plans offered by the Amazon prime 


  • Other than the doubts of how do I change my Amazon prime password’, there are a lot of other queries that every new Amazon user faces. And before subscribing to the Amazon prime account, you can check the plans offered. 
  • According to the data provided by Amazon prime customer care, the plan differs according to the country and region you are living in. It also depends on the type of shows provided in that particular place. 
  • Moreover, the standard charges per Amazon prime account are 119 dollars for 12 months and 12.99 dollars per month. 
  • And in case you want to inquire more about the plans, then you can give a call to the Amazon prime customer service. 


FAQ related to the Amazon prime account 


Question No 1. How many users can access one prime account? 

Answer No 1. Only two users can access the Amazon prime account. 


Question No 2. Can you sign up for Amazon more than once? 

Answer No 1. You can sign up for the Amazon Prime account’s free trial just once. 


Question No 3. Is Amazon Prime worth the cost?

Answer No 1. Considering the cost incurred on Amazon prime’s subscription cost, anybody can easily afford and sign up for this account. 


Question No 4. Can anyone cancel the subscription of Amazon Prime? 

Answer No 1. If you wish to cancel your membership then you can cancel it anytime you want. 

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