Let’s Learn How To Chat On YouTube Live Stream


The live chat option on a streaming YouTube video is not new for users. However, previously, this functionality was only available for desktop users. Today, YouTube has expanded its services to facilitate those who like to stay online on their Android devices. So, today’s tutorial is focused on Android smartphone users who want to know how to chat on YouTube live stream. Here, we will also discuss how to create your live stream on YouTube. But, this will be elaborated on the latter part of the discussion. So, first, let’s start with this issue.

How to chat on YouTube live stream?


1. Open the YouTube channel on your smartphone

2. Jump into a live streaming video

3. You will see Live Chat option on the bottom of the screen

4. Either tap on Up Arrow or slide the bar to the top of the window to see the ongoing live chat

5. If you want to participate, just start typing what you feel about the video and click the Send option


Basically, you don’t need special skills to use the feature and via following few simplest steps discussed above, you can be the next to post something on an on-going video clip on YouTube channel. However, if you face difficulty in launching the feature on your smart device, you can always seek support from experts. Now, let’s move on to the later part of the discussion which focuses on youtube live chat not working problem.


How to live stream an event on YouTube


Below, you will find step by step instructions on live streaming an event on YouTube:


Enable your account – go to the features page of your YouTube account and click the Enable button next to Live Events. If you are new to videos, tick the Gmail account and Google+ name to verify yourself. Though, if you are an existing user, simply select which channel you want to use for your live streams to finish the verification process.


2. Stat streaming your event –

1. Go to YouTube video manager

2. Click on Live Events

3. Tap on Create live event

4. Use Cameraman tool and Q&A tool to allow others to speak, add their videos and ask questions to you

youtube live chat not working and how to create live events on YouTube are thus, decoded!

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