Air France Flight Status


Planning to travel on Air France? Well, it offers a convenient approach for the passengers to grab any information about Air France flights.  

For a hassle-free journey, it is vital to know the status of the flights. As, any delay and diversion in the flight may cause inconveniences to the passengers, getting information about the current status of the flight helps to plan the schedules accordingly.

How to check Air France flight status online:


Travelers can easily get the Air France flight status online from the official site of Air France. Here are the associated steps to fetch information about the flight:

  • Land on the site of Air France.

  • From there, tap on the Information button that is displayed on the top of the page.

  • It will display a number of options to get information about Air France flights.

  • Under the Information tab, passengers need to click on “Flight And Airport Information.

  • Tapping that button is open a new list of options. From there, select click on the Flight Status.

  • Now, “Get the light status” page of Air France will be displayed.

  • The travelers will be asked to input a few pieces of information.

  • Enter the flight name, flight number and the departure date of the flight.

  • Further, tap on the Search option.

  • Now, a page will be opened displaying all the information related to the current status of Air France flight.

  • It will display the arrival time, departure time and its current status.

In this way, one can conveniently get the status of Air France flights.


Also, it gives the facility to get the status of a flight using departure and arrival cities. In order to check a flight status using its arrival and departure city, passengers need to input the departure points and the arrival points of the flight, followed by tapping Search status.


Opt the alternatives ways to check current Air France flight status:


If the passengers are not compatible with the procedure to get their flight status online then need not to worry as Air France has introduced an additional service to check Air France flight status over the phone. Passengers can get connected to the customer representative on Air France by dialing the airlines phone number.

In order to check the flight status over the phone, one can go through the following procedure:

  • Make a call on Air France phone number and get in touch with the customer representative.

  • Inform the representative about your concern to check the flight status.

  • The person on the other end will ask a few pieces of information regarding your flight and check the flight status.

  • After a complete inquiry, the representative will give detailed information about your flight information.

Thus, without any efforts, one can check Air France flight status in a no wait time.


Apart from these services, Air France also gives the facility to retrieve information about the flight status using the Air France mobile application. Passengers can use the mobile app to know all about Air France flight status.

Still, there is any difficulty in fetching the flight status, passengers can feel free to get in touch with the Air France customer support team that is always competent to help the customers.


Hence, by opting any of the stated facilities, travelers and get their Air France flight status without any hassle.


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