Cookies are small pieces of information websites store on our computers. This information is bits of texts and nothing else. The text can be user credentials that are used to log in to a website or something. This information is used by the websites for future log in and other uses. If cookies are not enabled then it is possible that we may not be able to access certain websites. if you clear all the cookies then you may be possibly logged out of all the websites you have previously logged in. The procedure of how to enable cookies in safari is as follows:-

  • Open safari on your device.
  • Navigate to Preferences and then select privacy.
  • After selecting privacy you can do any of the following to get the answer to how to enable cookies in safari iPad, change which cookies and websites data are accepted or,
  • Select “Cookies and website data” option.

If you select always block cookies then safari doesn’t let any websites, any third parties or advertisers to store cookies on your system. While using Safari on an iPhone similar problems can arrive like you are not able to log into certain websites and for that reason is maybe your cookies are disabled so-

The simple way of how to enable cookies in safari iPhone is as follows

  • On your iPhone first, navigate to settings and then to safari from home screen.
  • There will be an option for “all Cookies” make sure it is turned off.
  • Once you have done this you are all set to use your iPhone to access different websites.

how to enable cookies in safari high sierra?

Sometimes cookies can become a problem in accessing or logging on to certain websites so enabling the cookies can solve out your issue just follow the above-described steps and resolve the issue of how to enable Cookies in safari iPhone. And just in case you face any issues in doing as written above then do not panic since you can simply seek the required help from the people of the company.

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