How To Fix Canon Printer Error b200

Information To Fix Canon Printer Issue b200 


It becomes more frustrating when you want to take a print, but you unable to take printout gently because an instant error code pops up which potentially indicates a major error with the printer. However, it is not always required to throw out the printer. Sometimes we need to think wisely before taking any decision because printers are expensive and it is not that easy to procure the new printer again. So In the information age, smart users of our age must add new capabilities and potential to fix Canon printer error b200. Let’s show you important terms relevant to fix Error b200 for Canon printer. Read these points very carefully before you move ahead.


Know the reasons behind Canon Printer Error b200


Faulty Print head 


  • This problem generally found at the most basic level or on the cheap printer that usually occurs when a high voltage temperature requiring print head replacement or when the replacement is done with the Ink cartridge. 
  • As of its own importance, Print head distributes the ink from the cartridge to the paper so it connotes a major role during the function of the printer.

If the problem occurs persistently and you not able to fix the issue by using multiple solutions, In that case, we have figure out some of the important and easy to understand solutions for you to remove the error from the printer of canon printer error b200.

Steps to fix error b200 of Canon printer

  • Fill the pot with scalding Hot water and wash the print head of the printer for at least 2 times.
  • Unplug your printer for at least 30 minutes to reset all the configuration settings and plug it back again.
  • Clean up the Printer head with the help of printer maintenance option.
  • It could be possible when you found the hardened ink trapped inside the print head, so keep the print head under the running water until you clean up the ink.
  • Re-install your printer driver with the help of the canon support page and follow the on-screen instructions to update your drivers.
  • Make use of a cleansing agent, microfiber cloth or the non oil-based cleaner to clean up the surface of the print head.

Even after following the above information, if you are not able to fix the canon printer Error b200, you may dial a phone number of the customer support specialist to resolve your query or you may visit the nearby authentic center of the canon printer. Get all relevant information and assistance for issues related to error b200 of Canon printer anytime.

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