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More on Microsoft Silverlight:

Microsoft Silverlight is a powerful tool for creating engaging , user friendly web and mobile appliations. It helps tomake the sites interactive and user friendly. The users can make the web applications more attractive and versatile. It makes the web application more user friendly. With the help of Microsoft Silverlight , the users have access to great user interface.

How to install Microsoft Silverlight?

The users are need to follow the below given inorder to install Microsoft Silverlight. By following the below given steps, the users will be able to install Microsoft Silverlight.


  1. First of all the user needs to open the silverlight dialog box and then select any title to play.
  2. Then the users need to select the option to install , whenever the option of Silverlight dialog box opens.
  3. Then the user needsto open the download page and then needs to click on the Silverlight.dmg.
  4. The users at last needs to right-click or hold control on the keyboard and then select silverlight.pkg.
  5. At last the user needs to install the Microsoft Silverlight. Then atlast the user needs to save the settings.

After following the above stated steps, the users will observe that they have been able to download Microsoft Silverlight. In case the users face any issue, then they may contact Microsoft silvrlight toll free number for any help that the user wish to have.

How can user may contact us on microsoft customer service phone number?

The technical experts may be contacted for any assistance. The users may dial the microsoft silverlight customer service team for talking to the experts who are well -qualified and have rich experience in their respective domains. The users may contact Micrsoft Tech Support for any guidance that the user may seek for. The experts can be contacted at any time.


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