Simple Step by Step Guide to renewing the SSL Certificate when expired-

SSL certification is quite a mandatory certificate that you must have if you deal with communication between the servers. When we set up a connection it is highly advised to set up a secures connection and for doing so we need to have the SSL certificate. Now the thing that you need to know here is that you can easily get that certificate by making a request for it. And once the request is validated, you easily get the certificate by the email or by downloading and can also get the information about how to renew SSL certificate from the techies of the company.

how to renew SSL certificate on Linux-

Now just think of a situation where you have already purchased the certificate but you are still not able to use it since your certificate has expired. In this situation, you need not have to panic since it is not the end of your secured connection. The company is liable to provide you the renewing of the certificate but you need to follow the right set of steps in order to renew the SSL certificate. Now the question that arises is how to renew SSL certificate. In order to know the answer you have to look at the steps mentioned below:-

  1. One thing that you have to keep a note is that you need to renew the certificate at least 90 days before the expiration.
  2. So for the renewing purpose, you have to generate a new CSR, followed by logging in to the DigiCert account.
  3. Once you logged in to the account then you have to simply complete the renewal request for the certificate that you have made.
  4. Once the new request that you have made gets validated, the renewed certificate is sent to you by the contact in an email.
  5. And if that does not happen then you always have an option of downloading it from the DigiCert account in just a few minutes.

how to renew SSL certificate on the windows server-

So this is a very easy process of how to renew SSL certificate. Just in case you are still not satisfied then you can always seek the help of the company. Dail on customer service number for best technical support issues on this general queries and get instant services.

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