How to stop Windows 10 update assistant?

Windows 10 users are always forced to install the automatic updates whether they are willing to do so or not. Windows 10 restarts the system without saving the current work. Have you ever noticed this problem? Are you among the second group of users? If yes, you must have tried to disable Windows 10 update by the use of Control Panel or the Settings app. We have come with a series of solutions against how to stop windows 10 update assistant. Here we start with the deactivation of the [Automatic Update] feature.

Three ways to stop Windows 10 update assistant

  • Turning off the automatic update


  1. Open [Control Panel]
  2. Navigate the [Windows Update]
  3. Click on [Check for updates but let me choose whether to download or install them]
  4. It will allow you to turn off the [Automatic Update]
  • Deactivating the GWX patches


  1. Open [Control Panel]; navigate [Add or Remove programs]
  2. Make left click on [View installed updates]
  3. Find out the KB 3035583, KB 2952664, and KB 2976978
  4. Uninstall all these files
  • Deleting the installation file


Deleting the installation files is a great option to get rid of the concerned problem. Make right-click on the [File] explorer and choose [Disk Cleanup]. Click on the box marked [Clean up System files] after the Explorer appears. Then you will have to find out the box labeled [Temporary Installation Files] from the appeared list. It will be bigger than 5 GB. A question – are you sure you want to delete permanently? – will appear. Go forward only if you are determined to delete the files. This is how you will get the answer to your question; i.e., how to stop windows 10 update assistant.


Why Windows 10 automatically updates the system?

If you want to recover this issue with the help of technical support team then one can contact to windows customer service phone number to resolve any query regarding windows support to know how to block windows 10 update assistant.

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