How to take a screenshot in dell laptop ?

Seek the best assistance from this article regardng how to take a print screen or screenshot in dell laptop because sometime user's are stuck in this general issue and unable to resolve. so, fix it with the help of some simple steps which is discussed here by professional experts or make the call to customer care executive for futher details.

How to take a screenshot in Dell laptop with a simple steps

Know how can the users take a screenshot in a Dell Laptop:

The users may follow the steps stated below in order to know how do you take a screenshot in a dell laptop. Very simple steps to take the screenshot in Dell Laptop are listed here:

  • First of all the user needs to navigate to a page on which the users wish to take a screenshot.
  • Then the user may locate the Prtscr key. The “ Print Screen” key is typically found in the upper right side of Dell keyboards. The “ print screen” button can be written in a number of ways.
  • After this, the user needs to locate the win key. This key has a Window logo on it. The logo is present at the bottom-left corner of the Windows computer.
  • Then the user needs to press the win and the PrtScr simultaneously.
  • The screen of the user will dim briefly, indicating that the screenshot was taken.
  • In case the screen does not dim, then the users may hold down the win button and then firmly press down on the prtscr key.
  • The users may then open the start menu. The user may press the win key or click the Windows logo which is present in the bottom left corner of the screen.
  • After doing so, the start menu will open alongwith the mouse cursor in the “ search” field.
  • The users may type the screenshots in the start. The user will see a folder entitled as “ screenshots” that will appear at the top of the start window.
  • Then the users may click the screenshots folder.
  • A screenshot folder will be created in the pictures folder.
  • The users may save the picture and then save the document with a filename.


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These steps will help the users on how to take a screenshot in the Dell laptop. All the steps help to fix the issues in a fast and instant manner. The users may easily get the issues resolved.


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