How to Transfer a Domain to Another Person?

Do you use multiple domains to run your website? And now you want to transfer it to another person? Then you can easily do that. The process of domain transferring is very simple and straightforward. But without a proper knowledge, it is impossible to do. Make sure that you have a better knowledge about the whole procedure. If you don’t, then read this article and learn about the steps of transferring your domain to another person.


Disable the WHOIS privacy


First of all, the new registrar should require verifying that who is the owner of the domain, and it’s only possible if you have disabled the WHOIS privacy. Ensure that privacy switched has been turned off.


Check the admin email


Check that your domain’s contact email address is updated and then you will be able to communicate with another person for transfer purpose. Make sure that you're transferring the first time and it should be at more than 60 days if you have ever transferred.


Obtain an authorization code for transfer


The authorization code is like a password that can be only accessed by the real owner of a domain. Lots of registrars utilize other transferring terms such as Secret code, EPP key etc.


Make a transfer request for domain


Make sure that another person requests a domain transfer. It all can be done with the help of a transfer code.


 Approve transfer request email


Whenever a new domain owner applies for a transfer, the current domain address will be emailed to the current domain’s address. After approving the request, the process of domain transfer will start.

Call customer service team for how to transfer a domain to another person-


So after applying the above-given steps, you can easily transfer your domain to another person or wherever you want to transfer. If still unable to understand then conatct to customer service team and get proper assistance within minimum time without any hassle.

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