How to unblock Hotmail account

Hotmail is an advanced email service from Microsoft. It has millions of users from all over the world. Most of the people using Hotmail services are professionals using it for their professional needs. However, there are many others too who use Hotmail for personal use. It is its advanced features and user-friendly interface that has made it a popular email service among millions.

Sometimes users face issues with their accounts like their Microsoft account temporarily suspended and the best way to overcome these types of issues is to contact the technical support team immediately. You get the best possible solution for your queries or issues. The support team comprises of many experts who have vast experience in fixing problems related to Microsoft’s Hotmail. However, if you are technically skilled you can fix the issues on your own but sometimes getting advice from the experts becomes a necessity of time and situation.

Facing Hotmail issues? Dial the toll-free Hotmail Support Number

There are many issues that annoy you from time to time. Thus you are required to fix the issues as soon as you get it. The technically skilled users are able to fix the issues on their own but users with less or no technical skills have issues every time as they don’t know how to use the advanced features of Hotmail. They need to call the tech support team by dialing the Hotmail Support Number.

How to unblock Hotmail account without a phone?

  • Open Hotmail login page and enter your email id.
  • Then if you have your account suspended, click on “Forget the password” option.
  • Choose an option for why to reset the password and then click “Next”.
  • Enter the captcha code in the box and click on “Next”.
  • You will get a password reset code on your alternate email id.
  • Enter the code in the box provided over the screen.
  • Once the code is entered, you will get a window to set a new password.
  • Enter a strong password and save it.

how do I get my Hotmail account unblocked?

Contact the Hotmail support team on its toll-free number to get instant help for Microsoft account temporarily suspended issues or know solutions regarding how to unblock Hotmail account without a phone.


Information to Unblock Hotmail Account with relevant options


Hotmail is an advanced email service provider from Microsoft. It has millions of users all around the world. With so many users of this service, it is obvious that they face various issues while operating their accounts. These issues can be of various types like Hotmail account gets locked, Hotmail password gets changed, Recovering Hotmail account and much more. How to unblock Hotmail account the most common issue faced by the users is unblocking the Hotmail account. We have to see the various ways of unblocking the Hotmail account.


Options of unblocking the Hotmail account:


Select the password reset option:

When you are signing up for your Hotmail account you will need to answer the security questions.


Contact Hotmail Technical Support:

You can also contact Hotmail Technical Support for finding the answer to how to unblock a Hotmail account. You have to say the message on the screen which you have received.


Visiting the Troubleshooting page for Hotmail Sign in:

Sometimes the issue is not due to your personal account but can be due to the settings of the system.


Request for a new password sent an Alternate Email Address:

In this case, the alternate email address must be working otherwise you will not get the benefits of this feature. Password will be generated on your recovery email.

Reasons for blocked Hotmail account with solutions:


There are many different reasons which may be behind the blocked Hotmail Account. Al the reasons behind this issue should be addressed properly. Let us see the reasons:


Entering the Wrong Password:

Nowadays it has become a common reason which leads to the blocking of Hotmail account. It is also very common among users as they forget their passwords many times.


Hotmail account gets hacked;

It is also the common reason for getting Hotmail blocked as we know the occurrence of Cyber breaches are increasing. The account gets hacked by Cybercriminals.


Mass mailing or Prohibited ways:

Many times users use their account for continuous mailing and some users also use their account for prohibited activities. After indulging in these activities the management will block the account of the user.

Why it is important to Unblock Hotmail account?


We have seen how to unblock the Hotmail accountUnblocking the Hotmail Account is really an important task as it helps in staying safe from Cyber breaches. If you will not unblock your account then it will not operate.

What are the advantages of using Hotmail?


Hotmail is a free & high-quality email service that lets you access your Hotmail account. It also offers various types of facilities to its users while operating the account.

Does Hotmail have security Questions?


Yes, Of Course, Hotmail has generally six security questions and you can pick single one and give the answer of the question correctly.

As we have discussed that how to unblock Hotmail account with detailed processes. In case if you have further doubts regarding Hotmail account operation you can also contact Hotmail Customer Service.


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