Internet not working in chrome

The Internet is used by millions of people on daily basis. For accessing the internet in the system or laptop, a user needs an effective browser. Google Chrome is one of the best browsers for decades. It has advanced features that make browsing more easier and safer. There are no internet threats, bookmarks and favorites can be set for quick access to frequently used pages, it can manage cache and history easily. Son if you are having any of the Windows operating system and Chrome as a browser then you can have the better browsing experience.The issue internet not working in chrome can come anytime and is easily solved with some importnat and relevant information.

Issues related to Internet not working

It may happen sometimes that the internet may not work in chrome. When a user finds that internet not working all possible reasons are checked. When such a situation occurs, the user can follow some steps by himself to recover the problem. During the internet not working in chrome issue user finds issues or error messages like :


  • pages not opening
  • chrome frequently crashing
  • internet is slow
  • others

So, when a user is facing such problems, he can go for the following troubleshooting.


  1. Check your internet connection first.
  2. If the problem is with connection then disconnect and connect it again and try to access the internet again.
  3. If not, then try to change the network. Sometimes slow network speed can be the reason.
  4. If the network connection is proper, then close all the windows and restart the system again.
  5. Launch Chrome and try to access the internet.
  6. If still internet not responding, check out for the version of chrome.
  7. You can check the version by going to Settings.
  8. Then click on the three line icon.
  9. From the drop-down, click on Version and you will see the current version of the chrome. If it is not the latest one, you will see an update button.
  10. Click on that and your chrome will get updated.
  11. Check if the antivirus is not affecting the chrome or internet connection. If it is so, then disable the antivirus and try again.

Assistance to get an instant solution on an issue regarding internet not working on chrome

Usually, the above methods can help to resolve the problem but if still the issue is not resolved then the user can contact at the Chrome customer care support phone number. This service is 24/7 available. The user can avail the guidance from the expert certified technicians immediately. The internet not working in chrome is a commom issue and the relevant information and assistance helps in quick solution. 

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