Facebook password change on iPhone


A complete guide on Facebook password change on iPhone

Facebook is a social media platform widely used on the internet. You can either use it through the browser or download its application. As it is compatible with all devices and operating systems, it is easily accessible on any device. If you are using an iPhone, you can use the Facebook app on the same. Whether you are using it in the browser or app, you must keep your account protected as a lot of personal stuff is there. Whenever you observe that someone knows your password and is trying to access your Facebook account, simply go for Facebook password change on iPhone. The details related to password change are provided in this article.


Password change in Facebook


If you find anything suspicious or your Facebook account is hacked, you must proceed to change the password. By changing your password, you can keep your account and Facebook data safe. For Facebook password change on iPhone, you can follow the steps mentioned below:


  • Go to the Facebook app on your iPhone.
  • Enter your Facebook account credentials to log in.
  • When you enter correct details, you will be able to access your Facebook account on the iPhone.
  • Now, tap the icon with 3 horizontal lines, which is there on the bottom right of Facebook.
  • Scroll the options and tap on Settings & Privacy option. Then, tap on Settings.
  • After that, tap on the option of Security and Login and scroll down. Tap on the Change password option.
  • You need to enter your existing password and new password in the given fields.
  • Once you are done with the passwords, tap on Save Changes.


In case you have forgotten your password, instead of Change password.

Why is password change required


Facebook password change on iPhone is required due to many reasons, and it is important to change the password frequently, to avoid any data theft. Common reasons for password change:

  • If you find your account is suspected or compromised, you need to change the password. The account will only be unlocked when you change the password.
  • If you find anything suspicious, you must change your password and replace it with a stronger one. The password must be a combination of alphabets, numbers and special characters, which is hard to crack.
  • In case you have accessed your account on any other iPhone and forgot to logout, you must change the password and logout from all devices.

So, changing the Facebook password is very important to keep the posts and data secure. 

If you are still facing any issue during Facebook password change on iPhone, you can contact the support team. The executives of Facebook support are available for your assistance. The contact info is available on Facebook's official web page and you can find it easily when browsed in the browser.

Frequently asked questions


Question No 1. Why do I need to change my Facebook password?


Answer No 1. When you change your Facebook account password, it is mostly due to any suspicious activity on your account. So, changing the password will keep it protected.


Question No 2. Where I can find the change option on Facebook app?


Answer No 2. You need to tap on the icon with 3 horizontal lines, and you will find the option under Settings.


Question No 3. How can I change the password if my account is compromised?


Answer No 3. Initially, you have to reset the account password and once you are logged in, you can change the password in the app itself.


Question No 4. I have changed my Facebook password but now it is not allowing me to login?


Answer No 4. You can try your old password as the changes might not have been updated on your Facebook account. If this is not working, you can reset your password.

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