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Bellsouth email provides you many user-friendly features and also, offers a simple user-interface that makes it extremely easy to access its services. It gives you one of the best emailing services without any hassle. However, you may see some issues while using the Bellsouth email. The email service provider covers you with around the clock customer service that helps the users in every situation. No matter, you see a minor or major problem, if there's an issue, the solution will be given to you as soon as possible. Moreover, when Bellsouth email not working on iPhone, you should call the helpline number and get help. 

Besides, there's a list of some common issues that a user of Bellsouth email may face while you can go through it to get an idea in what kinds of situations, you can ask for help from the customer service. 

Different Kinds of Issues with Bellsouth Email


  • Reset or change Bellsouth account password.
  • Issues while creating or signing up a new account in Bellsouth.
  • Password issues.
  • Not able to login to Bellsouth account or compose an email.
  • Server issues. 
  • A problem in sending or receiving emails on the BellSouth email account. 
  • Facing problems in configuring email into outlook clients.
  • Sign in issues.
  • Spam mail issues.
  • A problem in resetting or changing an email account password using affective security questions.
  • Email attachments issues
  • Network issues
  • An error in configuring the antimalware protection for emails.
  • Receiving spamming emails in your Bellsouth email account.
  • Hacked account issues
  • Importing important Old Contacts to another Email account
  • Blocked account issues
  • Configuring your email account.
  • Issues while setting up email rules, notifications, and filters.

After knowing these common issues, you must be looking out for some information to fix Bellsouth email not working on iPhone problem. Well, in such a case, you can go through the below information to fix the problem appearing with your Bellsouth account. 

Simple Steps to Resolve Bellsouth Email Account Is Not Working


  • To begin with, you are required to click the Tools option. 
  • And then go to the Email Accounts section. 
  • Next, you have to select the 'View or Change existing emails accounts' option.
  • Further, you should select the Next option.
  • Also, you're required to select the email account accessible from the given list and select the Change option. 
  • Moreover, you should choose the More Settings option and go to the useful advanced section. 
  • In this way, you would get the Delivery option; unmark the checkbox mentioning 'Leave a copy of messages on the server'. 
  • After that, you should click OK and then, click next. 
  • Lastly, you have to select the Finish Button and complete the process. 

Thereafter, you should compose an email and test if the issue is fixed. In addition, you will no longer see Bellsouth email not working on iPhone. Just in case, the problem still persists and you need help to resolve the issue, you can go through the some given basic troubleshooting. 

Some Important Basic Troubleshooting to Fix Bellsouth Email Problems


  • Whenever you see a problem while using Bellsouth email on your browser, you should check the internet connection first. You need to check if the internet signal is strong enough to work on. Also, you can change the wifi network through which your device is connected and try to use another wifi network. 
  • Also, you need to clear cache and cookies stored on your web browser on which you want to use Bellsouth. Once you clear the cookies and cache it gives a smoother way to function a browser and also, if possible you can delete the junk files and browsing history from your system. 
  • You should check if your browser is compatible to use Bellsouth email because some of the browsers show glitch while using Bellsouth. In addition, you should check if there's a pending update for your browser by going to the settings. And on finding a pending update, you should install it instantly to fix Bellsouth email not working on iPhone.
  • Moreover, you can check the browser extensions to fix the problems with your Bellsouth email. If you have installed browser plugins or extensions on your browser, you should try to disable them. It might be possible that any of the plugins is causing an issue and you're not able to use Bellsouth account. 
  • In addition, if you have installed a security program or antivirus software on your device, you should disable the program temporarily. And try to open your Bellsouth email account. There are times when antivirus software updates may show such issues. So, deactivating the antivirus program will help you. 

With the aforementioned details, you will no longer worry about any type of issue with your Bellsouth email. On the off chance, you still see Bellsouth email not working on iPhone, you shouldn't bother about it. As the Bellsouth customer service is there to help you 24*7. The technical support team executive will give you instant assistance to fix any kind of problem with your Bellsouth Email. So, dial the 24*7 available phone number and connect with the customer support team to get help. 


Step by Step guide for how to fix the Bellsouth email issue

Bellsouth has made a great contribution to the world of email service. However, the customers might face some issues at times. If you're wondering why Bellsouth email not working on iPhone, then you just need to follow up on the below-mentioned steps and it’ll get sorted. You just need to follow the below-mentioned solutions and it’ll be sorted out. 

Step 1:


You need to check the server: There might be a possibility that the server is down, so you can try after some time, and then you would be able to log in. 

Step 2: 


You would need to Turn off the antivirus or firewall of your system: At times because of antivirus or because of firewall, you face issues with your email, you can turn them off or uninstall it, and the issue will be sorted out. 

Step 3: 


Spam folder issue: There might be a possibility that you’re facing an email issue because of the Spam folder issue. You would just need to delete the unnecessary files by just going in the settings and you’ll be able to delete all the unnecessary files. 

In case you’re still wondering why my Bellsouth email not working on iPhone, then you just need to follow the further steps or solutions. 

Steps 4:


Not enough space: This happens so many times, with the users that you’re not able to receive email because of the lack of space or insufficient space. In that case just delete the unnecessary email from your Bellsouth email account and your issue will be sorted out. 

Step 5: 


Change the settings: You would need to change the settings if in the case in the settings option, the email receiving is disabled. That is it. You will surely start receiving the email. 

Step 6: 


Last option: This is the last option which you need to follow. Then please consider configuring your email to a third-party email client program. 


So next time you wonder why Bellsouth email not working on iPhone, then just follow the above-mentioned steps and it’ll all be sorted out. 


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