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Information to fix Pop Ups issue on Google Chrome


Appearing unwanted pop up ads while using the internet on your preferred browser is not a new thing as it is very common among the users. These pop ads may contain virus and malware that always affect your device and sometimes you asked to enter your personal information that always harmful to your privacy because all these pop up ads are sent by the hackers to hack your information. In such conditions, the only way is removing these pop up ads and if you are using Google Chrome browser, then you can simply remove ads on Chrome. But there are many users ask about how to remove pop up ads on Google Chrome even it is a very easy process and if you are also one among the users, then follow the mentioned instructions.


Quick and Simple Steps to Remove Pop Up Ads On Google Chrome:


Solution 1: Enable pop-up blocker


You can use inbuilt pop-up blocker feature of Chrome and remove all sorts of pop up ads in Chrome. You can follow the below steps for that:


  • First of all, open the Chrome in your computer and then click on menu icon which is available at the upper-right corner of the screen.
  • Scroll down to Settings and then click on it.
  • Type Pop into the search bar and then press the Enter.
  • Click on Site Settings.
  • Now Popups section will be opened and then click on Pop-ups and redirects box to allow it.
  • After that, turn off the pop ups by toggled the blue icon in front of the Allowed option.


Solution 2: Reset your browser settings


By resetting your browser settings, you may fix how to remove pop up ads on Google Chrome browser issue, you can go through the below steps:


  • Open Chrome on your computer.
  • Now click on three dots shape icon which is available at the top-right corner and then clicks on Settings.
  • Click on Advanced option from the bottom side.
  • Now Reset and cleanup window will open and then click on Reset Settings.
  • After that, confirm the action by clicking on the Reset Settings option and then restart your computer to complete the process.


These above-given steps about how to remove pop up ads on Google Chrome can help you to remove the unwanted pop up ads in your Chrome browser. In case the ads are still appearing or you have any other issue, then contact the support team of Chrome for the reliable assistance.

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