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Information to Fix Google voice issue easily


Google Assistant voice unlocks feature works fine on all Android smartphones running Android 6.0 or higher. But sometimes, it could also fail to verify voice or Google voice not working due to many reasons. If you are also facing such an issue with using the "OK Google" and "Hey Google" commands to unlock your phone. Now you are unable to solve the issue, then you don’t worry! Follow the below steps to solve the problem.

Simple Steps to Fix Google Voice issue 


Step 1:- Verify if the Google Assistant Has Turned on

If Google voice not working issue occurs on your phone, then you should verify Google Assistant is turned on your device or not.


Case 1: -


• Tap and hold the “Home” button, on your Android phone or tablet.
• If a memo speaks "Hi, how can I help?" then Google Assistant is on. Then pursue the steps below for "With Google Assistant".


Case 2:-


• If you do not receive this message, then pursue the steps for "Without Google Assistant."
• If you are requested to turn on the Google Assistant, then tap “Turn on”option.


Step 2:- Turn on "Ok Google"

• Tap and hold the “Home” button, on your Android phone or tablet.
• Go to the top right, then tap the “More” option, and then tap the “Settings” option.
• Under "Devices," you need to choose your phone or tablet.
• Then turn on Google Assistant, and then turn on “Ok Google” detection.
• If you wish for "Ok Google" to automatically unlock your device whenever it listens to your voice, then you must turn on “Unlock with Voice match” option.


Step 3:- Confirm for a Google App Update Option


• On your device, go to the Google app page.
• Tap “Update” option.
• If you observe "Installed," then already have the latest version.


Step 4:- Say "Ok Google"


• Check if the issue is fixed, say "Ok Google".
• Whenever you are in a loud area, then you must turn off background noise.
• Say "Ok Google" similar to you would to a self.


If Google voice not working is still an issue, then you should try to teach Google to identify your voice again.

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