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Outlook is a web-based suite of webmail, contacts, tasks, and other services that allow the users to send and receive information from different accounts. The users may use the various multitasking features embedded in the Outlook account that may help the users to send voluminous data to a number of users in less time and in a frequent manner.

Simple Steps to know outlook password recovery process-


The users may reset the password of the Outlook account by following the steps stated below. By following the steps listed here, the users will be able to reset the password of the Outlook account. At any step, if the user gets stuck or face some issue, then the users may contact Outlook Password Reset for recovering the password of the Outlook account.


  1. The user needs to click the “ File” tab and then go to the Account information section.
  2. Then the users may click on the “ Account settings”.
  3. After this, the users may select the option of “ Account settings” from the drop-down menu.
  4. Thereafter the users may choose the email account and then click on the option of “Change.” This will display a new screen on the current Outlook account settings information. These steps will assist the user in Outlook Password Reset.
  5. Then the users may type the new password in the Password text box. This password should match the password used by the POP3 or IMAP email account.
  6. The users may then place a check in the box which is present next to “Remember password.”
  7. The users may click the “Next” option in order to proceed further.
  8. Finally, the users may click on the “Finish” option to complete the entire process.


call on outlook password reset phone number


Listed above are the steps that will let the user know how to reset the password of the Outlook account. If the user faces some issue, then the users may contact Outlook Password Recovery for knowing the right steps and instructions to fix the issue being faced by the users to reset the password of Outlook.


how can I change my password in outlook email


Information for password change of Outlook in quick time 


If discussing Microsoft Outlook then you will know that it is the system software that is developed by Microsoft. This outlook software is a compact & easy to use interface for users. With the help of outlook, one can do many functions like task managing, note-taking, journal logging, & web browsing too. Outlook is a free web-based email platform that is built for the user's help. In, outlook we can easily send & receive emails. With Outlook software, one gets safe with his/her data. Outlook software is used in organizations for the purpose of interacting with colleagues or with other staff members.


If you in case stuck in some mail sending then you can opt. the option to switch on Outlook that will help you in a proper way. With Outlook you get unlimited storage & complete SkyDrive integration etc.


Password changing options on Outlook


If you want to know how do I change my password in outlook email then by going through these options will help you better in your query;


Recover password with connected accounts:


Through this option, you can recover your account in a very easy way. First of all, go in the Outlook then click on the tools option, from there go to the Account setting option, after that you will show your e-mail id, on the top bar you will see an option of change password, by clicking on it you will be shown a panel in which you type password to recover your Outlook account.


Change password with data file:


Through this, you change your password in very quick steps. In the start you go for the outlook account, then go on tools option, there you will get an option Data Files, in that you go to settings option from there you will have an option called change password, by clicking on it you will have three boxes in which you have to mention old, new & to verify new passwords. By this, you will change your password instantly.


Change my password through Outlook.com:


In this, by visiting the web browser you can change your password. Through URL entering into account password reset page, from there clicking on forgot my password, after that typing of email or phone number, you will be shown your number, by clicking on it you will get a verification code, after typing that code, you will be shown reset your password, where you will enter new password & re-enter your password & at last you have to submit your changed password that’s all.


So, by these methods or ways you can know how do i change my password in outlook email for smooth working of emails.


Importance of online Outlook password change


The ways are many to change your Outlook password but using them could be helpful & risk too. So given down are some important points of online changing password;


  • In, changing your Outlook password with online ways, sometimes keep your data safe & secure for quite a long time.
  • Online changing of password results in users has to change their password on regular basis for better performance.
  • In, online, the process of password changing is fast & less hectic.
  • It saves the time of the user for password changing.
  • Online platform for password changing is efficient & effective in respect of Outlook.


So these are some important points that are beneficial for any user who opts for the online password changing option. Online changing of password is a good tool for the users.


Some FAQ’s related to password change


Q. How can I change my Outlook password on my phone?

A. It is easy to change the password on your phone by entering under account settings, then enter your username, then tap on the update password option to update your password.


Q. What is the process to change the outlook password on Windows 10?

A. In this firstly you have to go to settings, and then in manage accounts, and then if you chose outlook.com then you can update your password by choosing change account option. Or mail to windows 10 from there you will be taken to a webpage for your account where you change your password instantly.


So, these are some of the FAQs that will help you further in your query. However, want to know how do i change my password in outlook email then you can contact to customer care support team for your queries.

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