Why did my AOL email stop working on my Android


Information for why does AOL email stop working on Android


AOL email is a free-of-cost web email address that is currently operating under Verizon Communications. It is a very effective email service provider known for its interactive user interfaces. Don't worry if your AOL email service is not working on Android; we got you covered.


Reasons for AOL email stop working on my Android


If you have a problem with your AOL email, there may be some of the following issues once you have understood the problems that have caused your AOL email to stop working on your Android. As you get to know the root cause of the problem, you will better understand the solutions. Get relevant steps for the issue related to why did my AOL email stop working on my Android at the relevant time.


The common reasons that may affect AOL email working


  • The common problem arises from the cache and cookies that are unwanted are somehow bulked up and stored in your android phone that may interrupt the normal operations of the AOL mailing service.
  • Improper email settings on your android phone may also disturb the everyday operations of your AOL mailing service.
  • Another issue that may arise is due to improper or low network connectivity or low signal strength.
  • An outdated operating system or an older version of your default browser may also disturb the normal functioning of your AOL mailing services.
  • Another reason for your AOL not functioning on your android email is your older version of your AOL mailing service. An older version of AOL that is not updated may cause the dysfunction of your AOL mail on your android phone.


If your AOL mail stops working on your android phone, you can try any of the following listed options to fix the issue; that is why did my AOL email stop working on my Android?


Different options to solve the AOL email not working issue


  • You should immediately check for an update or software update if it is pending or not. If required to update your software, click on the update software and wait for the update to complete.
  • Restart the mailing service of AOL, and this might resolve your issue of the AOL mail service not working on your Android.
  • To check for software updates goes to the settings of your android device and scroll down to the bottom. At the bottom, you will see an update icon and proceed with the software update if it is pending.
  • Another option to fix this issue of AOL email not working on Android is to force stop the app and then reopen it to check if it is working fine now. To do so, go to the setting of your device and under the app section, select the AOL mail app. underneath, an option to force stop the app besides uninstall is displayed. Tap force stop and reopen the app. recheck the app if it is working fine or not.


Get a guide for why did my AOL email stop working on my Android


To get the solution, you can always go for this conventional method of removing or uninstalling the app and then reinstalling it again. This quick trick might work for you. To uninstall the app, go to the app icon and long-press it. There you will see an option to uninstall the app. Then go to the google play store and reinstall the app. In most cases, installing a new version of the same app may put an end to your problem.


You can also try a new configuration setting of the mail. Change the AOL email settings to the following configurations:-


Set the incoming port number to 995, incoming mail server to pop.AOL.com, security status to SSL, the outgoing port number to smtp.AOL.com. Applying the above configuration may resolve your problem; why did my AOL email stop working on My Android.


Online Solution and Importance of fixing the problem online


  1. Trying to find an online solution to AOL mail not working gives us many advantages. Most people giving solutions to your issue have in the past experienced the same problem as you, so they are very capable of guiding you to the appropriate solution.
  2. Moreover, finding an online solution also gives you many perspectives on different solutions that are present online.
  3. If your orthodox or one solution does not work to fix your issue, you can always try alternate solutions listed online.


While experimenting with online solutions, you should also be careful if you are trying to fix your AOL mail service not working online, as there are many fake and duped websites on the internet. Always consider a website that is top-rated and is genuine. Moreover, also look for the number of visitors on the website to check its authenticity.


The query why did my AOL email stop working on my Android is resolved reading the above information you can now FIX your AOL email not working issue anytime. Moreover, if you have any further issues, you can always contact AOL customer support tea.

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