Why has Norton Stopped working Today? 

If you are using any resources, which Norton offers but at the time of usage, you are facing the issue, then worry not; this article contains the related points. By acting accordingly, you might not have doubts such as Why has Norton stopped working? In the future. And for more, read the title, where you will find the issue with the solution.

Fix problems related to Norton not working 

Here you will find out the different types of issues that you might be facing and the solution. So, verify your issue and apply the solution accordingly.

Operating system does not support

In order to install the Norton, you must check the operating system which is required for that. And if you are using Norton on a device that is not supported, you might be stuck in this type of situation. So if you are unsure about the operating system, either check this from its official site, or you can communicate with the customer service team of Norton, and they will provide you with the information regarding that. So, this issue will be corrected if you change the device to the supported one.

Outdated Graphics driver

When you are using the Norton software on your PC or Laptop, which has stopped working, this also might be the reason. And if you have the same issue, comply with the step raised here and fix the issue.

  • First, you have to open Run programming, which you can open by tapping the Windows key with R simultaneously.
  • After this, you have to type devmgmt.msc and hot on the enter key.
  • Further, the device manager window will appear, and you have to double-tap on the display adapter option.
  • When you select the display adapter option, an option like an HD graphic card will appear; you have to take your cursor, right-click on it, and select the properties options.
  • Now, the different types of options will appear, and from there, you have to select the driver options; under that, you get to know about your driver status if they are updated or outdated.
  • Later, you get the name of your graphic card company, and after selecting that, you get to update your graphic driver.

And when you have updated your graphic card, restart your PC or Laptop and see whether your issue is solved.

System crashed 

When your system gets crashed, your Norton also has an issue working; for this type of issue, you just have to restart your device. Devices may be mobile or computer. By applying this, you might have a solution for this.

Norton application gets hanged

Sometimes, this can be faced when your Norton software gets hanged or corrupted. Moreover, get rid of this, try uninstalling the Norton application and installing them. Your issue might be solved by doing so and having proper working software.

Norton server error

When you have applied all the methods but still face the issue that your Norton is not there, there might be an error on the server. Getting the error for the server is not so common, but the server also needs maintenance. So to confirm this, you can communicate with the customer service the available medium and have the answer to this.

Hence, from now on, you might not have a similar issue likewise, Why has Norton stopped working? Because this article has all the possible ways to get into the ways for using the Norton, but after this, you still get countenance of this problem then try establishing the contact with Norton's customer service team.

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